Free Wrestling Booking Sims


FedSimulator [Web-based Wrestling Federation Simulator] by Asaemon


Fedsimulator is a web-based wrestling match & wrestling federation simulator with show, ppv and tv show creator, draft and tools for free. Formerly known as WWESim and WWE Universe Simulator.

#FedSimulator #WWESim #WWEUniverseSimulator #Wrestling #GMMode #WrestlingGame

Journey of Wrestling

Journey of Wrestling [Browser-based Wrestling Booking Game] by Admin

Journey of Wrestling

A free, browser-based wrestling booking game with easy gameplay and lots of scenarios to get lost in!

#JourneyOfWrestling #JOW #Wrestling #GMMode #WrestlingGame #WrestlingSim #WrestlingSimulator #WrestlingBookingSimulator #WrestlingBooker

AEW Elite General Manager

AEW Elite General Manager [GM simulator game for Mobiles] by Asaemon

All Elite Wrestling Elite General Manager

Elite GM

All Elite Wrestling applied to trademark the terms “All Elite Wrestling: Elite General Manager” and “Elite GM” on September 10th with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), with the filings appearing to tease the release of an upcoming game.

AEW confirms a new AEW mobile game - Elite General Manager. AEW General Manager game is coming soon to mobile phones. GM Mode is back and is better than ever. Elite GM is the new GM simulator game.

Developed by Crystallized Games, AEW Elite GM is the evolution of the GM simulator genre, taking the strategic elements of simulation and fantasy games to create a competitive and engaging space for the wrestling community to take part in. By incorporating the expanding AEW brand, AEW Elite GM serves as a celebration of wrestling as a whole. Fans take on the role of General Manager, who is responsible for managing a roster of AEW wrestlers, booking matches, and running the show in order to generate revenue, new fans and effects on wrestlers’ stamina and morale.

#AEWGame #AEWGames #Wrestling #AEWElitGM #AEWEliteGeneralManager #GMMode #AEW

Wrestling Manager Online

Wrestling Manager Online (Play a Promoter or a Wrestler) by Big Boss Man

Wrestling Manager Online

Play a Promoter and/or a Wrestler


* Found your own League, organize tryouts, take Wrestler under contract, organize shows, train your Wrestlers, produce videotapes from your shows and hold PPVs
* Make your League the best and fill the largest halls, organize interpromotion matches, take guest wrestlers and legends under contract
* and much more


* Create your Wrestler, give him a name, a gimmick, a catchphrase, make him a powerhouse or highflyer
* Train him, put him in your own League or let him go the another company
* Take part in feuds, gains title belts, sell merchandise, and get him powerfull equipment
* and much more

Fullfill tasks - write statments or show reports on the bulletin board - manage your friend list - take challenges - earn unique nicknames look at your statistics - bring up your reputation - increase your trust with merchants - build you league headquarter - skill your wrestler legacy talents level up to level 30 - buy, sell, produce, win or buy items at an auction - take part in events - look at the rankings - buy cars, houses, showtrucks, luxury and much more.

#WrestlingManagerOnline #WrestlingManager #Wrestling #GMMode #WrestlingGame #WrestlingSim #WrestlingSimulator #WrestlingBookingSimulator #WrestlingBooker

Modern Mania Wrestling - 80's Mania Wrestling Returns

Modern Mania Wrestling and 80's Mania Wrestling Returns by basmat01
Note: Not affiliated with these games just a big fan.

For iOS and Android.

Modern Mania Wrestling 

80's Mania Wrestling Returns

#ModernManiaWrestling #80sManiaWrestle #Wrestling #GMMode #WrestlingGame #WrestlingSim #WrestlingSimulator #WrestlingBookingSimulator #WrestlingBooker

Wrestling Organization Online

Wrestling Organization Online by Asaemon

Wrestling Organization Online is a captivating play-to-earn business management game that allows players to construct and manage their own traveling wrestling organizations. The game's mechanics revolve around acquiring NFT wrestlers, buying cities, and upgrading facilities and venues. Players must then compete against one another to earn more of the game's token, $WOO.

However, this game isn't just about entertainment; it's also about making a positive impact on the wrestling industry. Wrestling Organization Online plans to implement NFT versions of independent and retired wrestlers, which will allow players to own a piece of wrestling history. The game's developers are committed to sharing a percentage of the sales with partnered wrestlers, and wrestlers will receive 100% of the market fee for their NFTs.

The Wrestling Game

The Wrestling Game (MMO Game) by Big Boss Man

The Wrestling Game

The Wrestling Game is a free-to-play browser text-based wrestling game where players can customize their own unique wrestler and take them into the ring! Players can create their wrestler from one of 5 different classes: Strength, Speed, Resistance, Technique, and Balanced. Strength wrestlers are the toughest wrestlers in the world and use devastating moves on their opponents. Speed wrestlers are nimble and great at dodging their opponents. Technique wrestlers are masters of submission and great at countering. Resistance wrestlers are extremely hardy. Balanced wrestlers are very versatile and great at learning different kinds of moves.

Matches are held in a text-based fashion where players can choose the opponent they want to fight and then the game automatically conducts a match between the wrestlers. All calculations are handled for you so you can review the match details after, collect your earnings, and continue striving for the championship.

If you really want to bring your wrestler to life and gain some notoriety in the process you can join a league or create your own. Manage your roster by picking exciting match cards to create storylines and ensure your wrestlers are paid a fair wage. Several championship belts can be won so everyone will have something to strive for!

Don’t think the life of a wrestler is all about the match itself either. American wrestling is about the spectacle and putting on a show! You need to create a wrestler that stands out from the crowd and brings something unique to the ring. By creating your very own ring entrance and establishing your reputation through wins you’ll be sure to gain a following in no time!

In the beginning you will only start as a rookie like all other wrestlers before you, but with diligence and rigid training you could become a true master in the ring. Beat other wrestlers and earn the respect you know you deserve in The Wrestling Game!

Virtual Online Wrestling

Virtual Online Wrestling by Mike Haggar
Virtual Online Wrestling

This is a free open-ended, browser based, wrestling game.

Do you have what it takes to be the champion of VOW? Work your wrestler up through five leagues as you increase your experience. Win matches and tournaments to gain fame and increase your paycheck. Form stables with other wrestlers who share your values. VOW is a place for roleplayers and non-roleplayers alike, so join today if you enjoy good, clean, wrestling action!

The rules are explained within the game so just join it and play.

Freeware Wrestling Booking Sims

Professional Wrestling Simulator Enthusiast Download Index by Asaemon

PWSE Download Index

Hundreds of free fan-written text-based pro wrestling games.

Looking for the free alternative to TEW / Total Extreme Wrestling. Then simply download the PWSE Sim Packs for free using the link posted above. Relive the Professional Wrestling Simulator Enthusiast era.

The Complete PWSE 20th Century Sims Volumes + Special Sim Archives List

PWSE 20th Century Sims, Vol. 1

WWF MicroLeague Wrestling 2 (Emu.)

Lance Haffner's Rampage Wrestling

Dennis Drew's Pro Wrestling Promoter

PWSE 20th Century Sims, Vol. 2

Blaster's Wrestling

Pro Wrestling Promoter Graphic Demo

James Winquist's Wrestling League Simulator 4.0 and 5.3

PWSE 20th Century Sims, Vol. 3

ACS 2.5


David Tiemroth's Suplex 1.3

Microsoft's (now public domain) Qbasic 1.1 programming language intrepreter, necessary to run some files

PWSE 20th Century Sims, Vol. 4

Alon Isocianu's Alon Wrestling Simulator 1.1

Canadian Wrestling Sim

Lariat Wrestling Sim 1.2

Piledriver 4.9

Zed's Phaze 1.0

Ring Wars 1.0

WIWA E-fed Wrestler Creator/Editor

Wrestling 2000

Microsoft's (now public domain) Qbasic 1.1 programming language intrepreter, necessary to run some files

PWSE 20th Century Sims, Vol. 5A

Hollywood Carl Aldrich's Hard Core Wrestling Simulator II

Ubersoft Ranker E-fed Ranking/Stats Utility

PWSE 20th Century Sims, Vol. 5B

1 on 1

Attitude the Sim by Hexxis Soft

DWS 2000b

Extreme Wrestling Simulator 1.9 by Richard McQuiston

EWS by Kenny

Galactic Wrestling Federation Wrestler Creator/Editor/Match Sim for Tom
Filsinger's Champions of the Galaxy wrestling dice and card game

Insane Wrestling Sim Duet (2.1-DOS and beta0.01-GUI by The Scar)

Kayfabe 1.02 by Barry Skelly

Quantum Wrestling 1 and 3 by Aaron J. Archambault (Cman)

WOW2 by Jamie T (Barbed Wire Productions)

World Wrestling Simulator by MZ

RingKing Wrestling Simulator

TNM PWSE Vintage Collection - Oliver Copp

TNM 6.2 PWSE Special Edition - Oliver Copp

Extreme Warfare Treasury - Adam Ryland (Promoter)

Contains all the EWs from 2002 to 9000, as well as a rookie editor for EW9000.

Extreme Warfare Revenge 4.2 The last relaese of EWR (and all freeware) from Adam Ryland.

Extreme Warfare Deluxe Treasury - Adam Ryland (Promoter)

Contains all the EWD sims from 1.0 to 1.3.

Extreme Warfare Revenge Toolkit A collection of files compiled by PWSE,
including editors, utilities and resources, for use with EWR 4.2.

Promotion Wars 1.3 - PWSE Suite

Compiled by PWSE, this file contains PW 1.3 (the last PW released) and various editors, tools and resources.

James Winquist's Wrestling League Simulator : Clean, most recent version. This contains no wrestlers, leagues, or belts. : Most recent version, containing wrestlers from the "IHWA" simulation league. : Contain wrestlers from WWF 90s, and ECW : Contains WWF and WCW

Wrestling League Simulator 2.0

An Open Source DOS emulator to run old DOS games.

DOSBox emulates a full x86 pc with sound and DOS. Its main use is to run old DOS games on platforms which don't have DOS (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 / Linux / FreeBSD / Mac OS X).

Free Wrestling Booking Sims

TEW 2004 - Abandonware

TEW2004 Download Index by Asaemon
TEW2004 Download Index

Download Total Extreme Wrestling 2004

Total Extreme Wrestling 2004 (play one month game time)

Total Extreme Wrestling 2004 (formerly known as Total Extreme Warfare 2004) is a wrestling management simulator published by the .400 Software Studios.

Taking on the role of a wrestling promoter, it is up to you to try and steer your chosen company to the top of the industry, along the way dealing with prima donna superstars, wars with rival companies, and the demands of TV companies! Download TEW2004 today!

TEW2004 Full Installer - Please Note that you need an E-Licence Key for this to be able to work.

Due to .400 Software Studio's closure on January 1, 2006, the game was taken off the market permanently.

TEW2004 Real World Mods

Historical Real World Mods and Scenarios for Total Extreme Wrestling 2004.

Starting Year


TEWZone V4.2

Various graphics for TEW2004.

TEW2004 Miscellaneous Downloads

Miscellaneous downloads for TEW2004.

Extreme Warfare Revenge - Freeware

Extreme Warfare Revenge Download Index by Asaemon

EWR Download Index

Here you can download mods, scenarios, graphics and utilites for Adam Ryland's Extreme Warfare Revenge.

Download Extreme Warfare Revenge

Looking for the free alternative to TEW / Total Extreme Wrestling. Then simply download Extreme Warfare Revenge for free using the link posted above.

Download Links not working? Disable Ad-Block Software to Download!


Right click download link and select open in a new browser window!


Copy the download link and paste into a new browser window!

How to successfully import data.
By folder:

Select the folders you wish to copy from the export folder.
Right click and select copy.
Go into your EWR4-2 folder.
Right click and select paste.
When asked to update existing files, check yes.

By File:

Select all the files you want.
Right click and select copy
Go into your EWR4-2 folder.
Go into the sub-folder you are transferring over (DATA for data, PICS for worker and staff pictures, etc.)
Right click and select paste.
When asked to update existing files, check yes.

#ExtremeWarfareRevenge #EWR

TEW 2005 - Freeware

TEW2005 Download Index [Freeware] by Asaemon

Download Total Extreme Wrestling 2005

Looking for the free alternative to TEW2020 / Total Extreme Wrestling 2020. Then simply download Adam Ryland's Total Extreme Wrestling / TEW2005 for free using the link posted above.

Total Extreme Wrestling 2005

TEW2005 Download Index

Looking for the free alternative to TEW2020 / Total Extreme Wrestling 2020. Then simply download Adam Ryland's Total Extreme Wrestling / TEW2005 for free.

Download TEW2005 mods and TEW2005 scenarios. Download Total Extreme Wrestling 2005 mods and Total Extreme Wrestling 2005 scenarios. Grey Dog Software Forums. Download the latest TEW2005 mods at Be the Booker is a user driven community modding site with everything you need for the Total Extreme Wrestling booking simulator series. Our sections include content for TEW 2020, TEW 2016, TEW 2013, TEW 2010 and TEW 2005. Download up to date monthly real world mods, as well as historical and fantasy scenarios. Head to our Graphics section for the best faces, logos and belts, as well as much more. Upload your own Total Extreme Wrestling mods, graphics, faces, logos and belts, and share with the TEW community.

All mod's listed in this thread are the property of their creators. Should you wish to use one of them as a base for a mod that you plan to release for public use, please contact them and ask for permission.

Download Links not working? Disable Ad-Block Software to Download!


Right click download link and select open in a new browser window!


Copy the download link and paste into a new browser window!

TEW2005 Real World Mods

Historical Real World Mods and Scenarios for Total Extreme Wrestling 2005

Starting YearStarting MonthNameModmakerGraphicsStatus
Death of the TerritoriesD Boon Ghost
Belts Logos People Screens


End of the Golden EraTCP












2006FORCPeople Belts Logos

Freeware = Free to use for creating your own mods/scenarios as long as you give credit to the original modmaker.

TEW2005 Skins and Graphics

Skins and Graphics for Total Extreme Wrestling 2005

#TotalExtremeWrestling #TEW2005 #TotalExtremeWrestling2005

Open Wrestling - Freeware

Open Wrestling [Wrestling Sim that supports EWR scenarios] by Admin

Open Wrestling

Open Wrestling is a free and open source wrestling promotion simulation game currently in development.

Many features are still pending and the game is a ways off from being entirely playable, however it is in a state where it is possible to load it up and fool around with it.

Features currently enabled:

Play using data imported from existing DAT files (from EWR)

Import workers, promotions, belts, tag teams

Import images for workers and promotions

Randomly generate promotions and wrestlers

Sign free agents

Book shows, select match finishes and rules

Basic AI - other promotions book shows, sign workers


Looking for the free alternative to TEW / Total Extreme Wrestling or EWR / Extreme Warfare Revenge. Then simply download Open Wrestling for free using the link posted above.

1. Download

2. Unzip

3. Couble click OpenWrestling.jar to launch

Java 12+ required. 

Minimum supported resolution: 1280x800

Download Extreme Warfare Revenge scenarios!

Current day scenarios and historical scenarios for use with Open Wrestling is available in the Extreme Warfare Revenge Download Index

Pro Wrestling Nexus: Complete - Freeware

Pro Wrestling Nexus: Complete [Wrestling Simulator] by Admin
Pro Wrestling Nexus: Complete

Pro Wrestling Nexus: Complete is a remake of the previous professional wrestling match simulation game, Pro Wrestling Nexus: Singles Competition, which is no longer supported nor available for download.

Unlike some match simulators which generate the happenings of a match in a text file, Pro Wrestling Nexus provides an interface which allows you to watch the match play-by-play.

The game features a damage system where each wrestler has a set level of hit points or health and each move has a set amount of damage done. PWN: Complete provides a singles and tag team wrestling environment in which you can pit two wrestlers or teams against each other in order to see who comes out on top.

Features 350 professional wrestlers to choose from.
Create and defend championship belts.
Create your own wrestler and see how their measure up to the others.
Keep track of wins, losses and title history.
Cheats include the ability for wrestlers to interfere and much more.

Link to Pro Wrestling Nexus

#ProWrestlingNexus #Wrestling #WrestlingGame #WrestlingSim #WrestlingSimulator

Federation Wrestling - Free

Federation Wrestling (2002) by Be the Booker
Federation Wrestling (2002) by MDickie

The original 2D wrestling simulator that provided the engine for Federation Booker. Use the same great gameplay to blow off steam in a purely arcade setting! Create your own wannabe superstar from scratch and then guide them through an action-packed year in the controversial new Federation Online promotion...

Free Wrestling Booking Sims

Pro Wrestling Simulator 2021

Pro Wrestling Simulator 2021 Real World Roster Packs by Asaemon

Pro Wrestling Simulator 2021 Download Index

Rewrite history the way you imagined it.

GM Mode Game for Mobile Phones

Download Real World Roster Packs for Pro Wrestling Simulator 2021

Real World Roster Packs for Pro Wrestling Simulator 2021

Importing a Custom Roster Pack

  1. On your iPhone/iPad, download a roster pack from wherever you can find it

    1. This thread contains some popular packs that are guaranteed to work

    2. The rest of this subreddit may have other roster packs

    3. Friends can send you their roster pack files

    4. Someone can upload a roster pack file literally anywhere on the internet

  2. Launch the Files app, tap the Browse tab on the bottom, then select the Downloads folder in the list

  3. Hold down on your downloaded roster pack file, then tap Move

  4. Under On My iPhone, tap the PWS 2021 folder, then tap the Copy button in the top right corner

  5. Launch PWS 2021 and start a new game, then tap the Custom tab when selecting a roster pack

  6. If you encounter any errors, or don't see your roster pack in the list, it will likely be because the roster pack file is invalid in some way

Creating a Custom Roster Pack

I plan to integrate a tool in-app to be able to create & export roster packs in the future, but for now, the only way to create a custom roster pack is to manually write out the file yourself on a desktop/laptop.

  1. Download the sample custom roster pack file here (or edit another existing roster pack file):

  2. Using the text editor of your choice (you can use something simple like Notepad or TextEdit, but something like Notepad++ or Atom will make it a lot easier), edit the values to what you desire

    1. The description field is optional

    2. All values are case sensitive

    3. All dates must be in the format DD/MM/YYYY

    4. Valid values for the sex field are: M, F

    5. Valid values for the disposition field are: Face, Heel, Tweener

    6. Valid values for the potential field are: none, low, medium, high

    7. Valid values for the gimmick field are: badAss, bitch, bully, cocky, comedian, crazy, daredevil, fighter, flamboyant, foreignStar, generic, goth, hero, loneWolf, luchadore, monster, musician, prettyBoy, primaDonna, rebel, redneck, supernatural, technician, unique, wholeDamnShow

    8. Make sure you have at least 25 wrestlers so that you're able to book a full special event with some legroom for injuries

    9. The showNames field is optional, however, you must include all months if you are going to include it

    10. The championshipNames field is optional, however, you must include all championships if you are going to include it

    11. Although tag team championships are not supported in the game yet, the value for tagTeam exists within the championshipNames to ensure that your roster pack supports the titles when they are added in the game

    12. I recommend trying to get the total salary of everyone to add up to over $50M, so that you and your rival can both spend your $25M each

  3. You can use to validate that the format of your file is correct

  4. Upload the saved .json file to a file sharing service such as Google Drive or Dropbox and then post it to the subreddit

Pro Wrestling Simulator 2021

Pro Wrestling Simulator [GM Mode Game for Mobile] by Big Boss Man

Pro Wrestling Simulator 2021

Rewrite history the way you imagined it.

GM Mode Game for Mobile Phones

GM Mode- Modernized
Miss playing GM Mode on your PlayStation 2 back in the good ol' days? Now you can take that experience with you in your pocket- wherever you are in the world.

Book Dream Matches
With a variety of roster packs spanning multiple generations of wrestling, there's no limit to the kind of dream matches you can book.
Cloud Sync
Book a show on the train journey home with your iPhone, then pick up right where you left off at home on your iPad, or even your MacBook.
Your game follows you.

Relive the Monday Night Wars and compete against a friend in determining who the real fan favourite is (coming soon).

Powered by ML
We analyzed hundreds of television wrestling matches in order to create an accurate machine learning model that determines how the fans react to the shows that you book.

And So Much More…
PWS is still a very new project and is evolving rapidly over time. We have so much more to bring to the table, and hope you'll join us in this incredibly exciting journey.

Pro Wrestling Simulator 2021 is released January 7th 2021 on iOS

Pro Wrestling Simulator 2021 is released in February 2021 on macOS

Free Version

PWS All Access: Annual Break free with an annual PWS All Access pass Free Trial
PWS All Access: Monthly Break free with a monthly PWS All Access pass Free Trial

Wrestling GM

Wrestling GM [Mobile Wrestling Booker Game on iOS & Android] by macroblue

Wrestling GM

Hello all, I grew up playing the EWR and TEW series a lot. One thing that always escaped me was that there should be a version of this for mobile, but unfortunately there were no games on the market with that simulation-oriented feel on iPhone or Android…

So actually a couple months ago, I decided to develop a Wrestling GM / Promoter game with that exact strategy feel and element on mobile.

Fast fwd a couple months later, I am pleased to let you know that its been finished and out on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The universe of the game is completely fictional. It features 20 companies spanning over 5 game regions of (USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Japan) with ~500 wrestlers and ~60 titles.

Like EWR and TEW style, you pick a company out of the 20 and are able to architect the booking card of each show (matches and angles). You can decide the types of fights that occur, who wins, the finish, and who gets to become champion.

Similarly, like the above 2 games, wrestlers come with their wrestling and entertainment-oriented stats, so you will have to strategically utilize wrestlers to produce the best show :)

Lastly, there is also stat development and championship lineage tracking within the game as well.

Given that the game is at a new state, I would love to hear constructive feedback from you all in order to make this game the best experience possible!

Finally, I would really appreciate it if you could leave a positive review comment and rating if you enjoyed playing the game. It really helps make the game more discoverable to other wrestling enthusiasts like you and me.

Wrestling GM by Sicko Games Inc.
Full Game (Special) $14.99
Full Game (Lifetime) $49.99

Get ready to embark on a GM experience you’ve never had before. The Wrestling GM universe contains 20 wrestling companies that span over the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Japan. Take helm of any wrestling organization and control their direction and fate.

Each company is unique in their audience, rich history, and roster-base. Some companies are newer and have a younger roster-base whereas others are mature in their business and have already made it to a global scale. Some companies have audiences that prefer pure wrestling spectacles, some that prefer rough-and-tumble brawls, and some that prefer an entertainment-oriented show.

Your job as the general manager is to put on the most captivating shows possible for each unique and existing fanbase. With great responsibility comes great power. Your say is final. Pick how each show plays out - who fights who, who is the champion, and how each wrestler’s career evolves over time. The cards are all yours to play. As long as you remember that the fans are the ones that you must win over, in the end.

#WrestlingGM #WrestlingGeneralManager #Wrestling #GMMode #WrestlingGame #WrestlingSim #WrestlingSimulator #WrestlingBookingSimulator #WrestlingBooker

Indie Wrestler

Indie Wrestler [Mobile Wrestling Game] by Big Boss Man

Indie Wrestler

Indie Wrestler is a mobile wrestling game coming soon to iOS and Android.

START FROM THE BOTTOM AND GO to the top of the wrestling world

Indie Wrestler is a tap based mobile game; made by wrestling fans for wrestling fans. The idea behind it is pretty simple – we wanted to give you the opportunity to create a character and take them to the top of the wrestling world.

How do you do that? By getting yourself over. Have great matches, cut promos and win titles. You get to train your wrestler, work for different promotions, upgrade your gear and even react to online gossip, rumours and innuendo. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s truly a unique game that hasn’t been developed for the wrestling scene before.

The ultimate goal of the game is to make it to the biggest promotion in the game and become their world champion. And then test your long term drawing power out to see how long you can stay on top for.



No two games are the same with Indie Wrestler. Work for the promotions you want, on a schedule you want, and watch how it shapes your career.

Who’s in?

We already have a number of wrestling promotions on board in the game – with more joining every week. Use our interactive map to see which promotions you’ll be able to work for in our game.

#IndieWrestler #Wrestling #WrestlingGame

Promotion Wars Online

Promotion Wars Online by Big Boss Man

Promotion Wars Online
Promotion Wars was an excellent wrestling booking simulator written by Adam Jennings in 2000. It is a game that will elicit feelings of nostalgia for many wrestling fans. Promotion Wars Online is intended to be a homage to a wonderful game and a chance to have a bit of fun and hopefully learn something new as we go. Promotion Wars Online is a fan project / unofficial project.

Thank you for considering contributing to the project, for now please raise some issues for any features that you would like to request, the initial scope will be to create something close to the original Promotion Wars with a multiplayer element, all ideas are welcome.

The Promotion Wars Online Project is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.


Promotion Wars

Promotion Wars Download Index by Asaemon

Promotion Wars 1.3 Download Index

You will find Promotion Wars scenarios, graphics and editors here in the Promotion Wars Download Index.

Download Promotion Wars

Promotion Wars is a free wrestling management simulator.

Download Promotion Wars Scenarios
Download Promotion Wars Mods
Download Promotion Wars Editors

Promotion Wars Download

Looking for the free alternative to TEW / Total Extreme Wrestling. Then simply download Adam Jennings Promotion Wars 1.3 or Promotion Wars 21st Anniversary Edition for free using the link posted above.

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