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Total Extreme Wrestling IX announced!

Total Extreme Wrestling IX by Be the Booker

TEW IX announced!

The newest game in the TEW franchise, Total Extreme Wrestling IX, will be released by Grey Dog Software in just a few weeks.

The public beta of TEW IX will be released on Saturday July 27th. The public beta is free to play and offers a fully functional version of the game, but with a limit on how many months of in-game time you can play. This allows you to "try before you buy" and gives us the opportunity to address any installation or gameplay issues before the game goes on sale.

The full retail release of TEW IX will be one week later on Saturday August 3rd. The price will be confirmed closer to release.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why is it called TEW IX and not TEW2024?

A We've decided to make this change to the naming scheme because having a year in the title is generally used to denote an annual release. As there are several years between modern TEW releases, we felt a switch to numbers would be more appropriate going forward.

Q What will the licensing situation be?

A The game will be under the QLM license system that Grey Dog Software has been using for the past couple of years. As those who have used it will know, this is a much easier to use and more convenient system than the old Elicense system that was used in the past.

Q Will I be able to continue my TEW2020 save games?

A No, as they are two separate products. As usual, a converter is provided so that TEW2020 databases can be converted to work with TEW IX.

Q What new features and changes will there be?

A The Developer's Journal starts today and will be used to reveal new features and changes. There will be at least one entry every weekday between now and the game's release. As usual, a lot of the changes come directly from posts that people have made in the Suggestions forum over the past four years.

Q Is this an entirely new game?

A TEW IX uses the same base as TEW2020, so you'll recognise the general layout and concepts - this is because there's no sense in "reinventing the wheel" when we already have a very popular, stable basis to work off. The new features and changes are applied on top of that foundation to enhance and expand the game.

Q Will there be a Mac version?

A No. Grey Dog Software only produces Windows-based games.

Q Will I meet the minimum requirements?

A Although TEW IX is significantly bigger than TEW2020, if your computer is able to play the latter, you will definitely be able to play the new game too.

Q What times will the release be?

A To avoid a large spike in traffic and the problems that causes, we will not be announcing an exact time for release. It will, however, be handled by Grey Dog Software and so be on US time.

Fantasy Booker of the Month - JUNE 2024

Fantasy Booker of the Month - JUNE 2024

IceVerse by doodled

An overnight success that rose to become the world's premiere wrestling organization, ALPHA Wrestling was the initiator of the Great Wrestling Boom, and has made it clear that it's here to stay, thanks in large part to the business decisions of its owner/founder, Bradley "Ice" Jones.

HyperFight Pro-Wrestling originated in Yokohama, Japan in the 1980s and was founded by Kanichi Andō and Hiroyoshi Kaneko after leaving their previous company. The promotion gained popularity for its hard-hitting action and unique storytelling, attracting fans from Japan and around the world. In the 1990s, HyperFight reached its peak with international exposure but began to decline after Kaneko's passing in 2003. Andō struggled with talent management and booking, leading to wrestler departures and a loss of fans. HyperFight closed in 2005 but was unexpectedly revived in 2022 by Koji Murakami and Shinzo Kaneko, aiming to restore the legacy of their predecessors.

WASTELAND Wrestling was founded as an alternative to the mainstream norm -- putting more focus on grueling, lengthy matches rather than characters. Despite this fresh take, the backstage scene is as nepotistic and toxic as it comes, being run with an iron fist by the Moso clan and their clique.

Inspired by their love for cinematic matches, Liam St. Martin and Du teamed up to form a company designed around the concept -- Unusual Wrestling. It found a niche in record time, allowing fans to get attached to characters wacky, terrifying, or both.

Tumbar Lucha Libre has been Mexico's go-to wrestling action for decades, with the latest surge in overall wrestling popularity only helping them further. Prominent stable Sinaloa Death Squad, headed by popular veteran Chuy Sanchez, has now joined the management side of things, hoping to lead the company into a bright future.

Ontario Elite Wrestling, once just the humble passion project of commentator Dion Rivers, exploded with success along with the rest of the wrestling industry, allowing Dion to work on it full time. But as the scale and hype of the wrestling business grows, will OEW be able to keep up?

A local El Paso promotion started by wrestling journeyman Derek Gunslinger, Dustup Championship Wrestling prides itself on good old-fashioned *wrasslin'.* It would've stayed a tiny promotion, were it not for Derek Gunslinger's connections with ALPHA Wrestling. This allowed DCW to grow alongside the larger company, before getting subsumed into it entirely in April of 2024.

Wrestling's newfound popularity means a whole new wave of talents, trainees, and debuts in the near future. Some are athletes, some are actors, some are diehard fans, and some are addicts to violence.

Whose star will rise? Whose dreams will be fulfilled? Who will get crushed under the tidal wave of new names? Only time will tell.

Pro Wrestling Sim January 2024 Scenario

 Real World Update by TheWho87 is available for TEW2020

TEW2020 Download Index by Be the Booker

 Real World Update by TheWho87 is now available for TEW2020

Wrestling Manager 2024

Wrestling Manager 2025 by Asaemon

Wrestling Manager 2024 screenshots.

Main Event Wrestling Manager

Landxx Modern Day Mod

Landxx Modern Day Mod(May edition out) by landxx

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say what's up and fill you in on what I've been up to.

For the past decade, I've been deep into the world of modding for Total Extreme Wrestling. It was a blast, but honestly, the fire kinda burnt out over the last few years. I barely even watched wrestling anymore.

Fast forward to 2024, and wrestling is hotter than ever! It got me pumped again, so I jumped into Pro Wrestling Sim. Let me tell you, that game has come a long way in just a year, super fun stuff.I had amazing time with Herd mod.But something kept nagging at me – I had the itch to tinker again. You know, adjust wrestler skills, personalities, the whole shebang. So, I figured, why not? Time to get back in the game!

Mark your calendars, because on May 1st, the landxx Modern World Mod is dropping! Get ready for a fresh take on the wrestling world.


HERD85 - For Mod base his pic pack

ToxicTurtleyTop - For Graphics

Ring Executive Pro

Ring Executive Pro by Asaemon

Ring Executive Pro Event Screen and Game Progression Update

Heels vs Faces

Heels vs Faces [Wrestling Booking Game] by Rich Perez
Hello everyone,

I hope everyone has been doing well! It's been a while since I've given an update on my game. I've been busy working on The Daily Smark and Tonight Wrestling. Now that these two projects are stable I want to put back focus on Heels vs Faces. 

So since the last time I worked on this game, I've had to rethink what comes first. Originally, I wanted to make it a mobile game first but doing that right now would require building the game twice for Android and iPhone. I want to avoid this as a solo developer. Knowing that I've decided to focus on making a game that you can play on a Mac or PC.

Finally, let's show off the progress I've been making! If you check out the screens below you can see the game running as a Mac app on my laptop. You'll see the Start Game, Account, Company and Game Dashboard screens. So much more work to do as I'm laying down the foundations. Next I want to work on the manage your company roster.

I'm going to do my best to post more updates here as well as on Threads.

Heels vs Faces Account Screen

Heels vs Faces Company Screen

Heels vs Faces Account Screen

Heels vs Faces Games Dashboard Screen

Ring Executive Pro (Upcoming Wrestling Booking Sim)

Ring Executive Pro by Mike Haggar

Ring Executive Pro

Experience the Business of Wrestling Like Never Before. Unleash Your Inner Promoter. Book the Show. Rule the Industry.

All the simplicity of EWR with the polish of Football Manager and completely free!

Pro Wrestling Promoter

Pro Wrestling Promoter by Asaemon

New screenshot of the Pro Wrestling Promoter booking screen.

Wrestling Booking Warfare (Upcoming Wrestling Booking Sim)

Wrestling Booking Warfare by viciouslothario
Entry #35: And one of the happiest ones

Today I spent major part of the day working on the filters, and yii2 likes to escape certain characters, mostly because of security vulnerabilities they present, but it's not the case in this part and there should be a option to not escape this characters like >, >=... Etc...

All of this comes from my morning talk with Mongo. I had to redo the entire view, because sorting and filtering was breaking... I needed to build the table from the contracts table and not from the workers table despite that I want to show workers that are contracted... Well a contract is the junction between a fed and a worker, so it makes total sense now, to be the central part of it.

Managed to get everything to sort correctly, even the string like Major Star, Star etc, a lot of code and headache into there, a lot of research as well, to build those fields and custom ordering.

Now I wanted to give the ability to users to filter for skills greater than, greater than or equal, equal, lesser than or equal, lesser than. So instead of having a modal or some stupid window in the way...

The user now just needs to type '>'50 with the brackets... or the user can do it with ">"50. And that's because if the user inputs a direct >... Yii escapes that character, php escapes that character in the url that builds the query params. Weird isn't it?

Here's a working example, just 8 workers show up for WWF, which is quite usual at this point, 1992. BUT IT WORKS! YOU DON'T NEED EXTRA CLICKS, just need to type. I will also put a reminder of that at the top of the grid, and that's it. OH and all the fields can be filtered and sorted unlike it was before. A lot of work and research went here. But this part is completed. Now I need to work on what happens when you click on the plus sign... ahahah. Oh and fix that speed being a decimal/float number and convert it to a int.

See ya all tomorrow.

Who's Next is available for Pro Wrestling Sim

WHO'S NEXT! April 2003 by basmat01

Who's Next
April 2003

Please note Data only download also includes new pictures to add to Pic Pack
Version: 0.1

April 2003 Data and Pic Pack

Mods used in pack:
Asaemon's Venue database

All feedback and suggestions welcome and encouraged either through this thread, PM and on discord (same username)


-100% freeware

AmP Graphics - November 2023 Update

Asaemon's AmP Graphics [High Quality JPGs] by Asaemon

Asaemon's AmP
The game changer for all 1980 - 2002 scenarios!

(for use with the 1993, 1994 and 2002 mods)

Banners 190+
Worker 18000+
Broadcasters 1200+
Events 1200+
Logos 1000+
Random 400+
TV 380+

The AmP Graphics are the best looking graphics available and the obvious choice for all 80s and 90s mods. Over 7800 enhanced worker pictures.

For use with TEW2020, TEW2016, TEW2013, Pro Wrestling Sim and Pro Wrestling Promoter.

Here Comes The Money Is Available for TEW2020

TEW 2020 - Here Comes The Money 2001 Release by Mr. Canada

Here Comes The Money - 2001


It's May 2001, and a McMahon has purchased WCW. Shane McMahon! This mod was made to try and best simulate the most realistic, but still fantasy scenario of a "What if..." for WCW in 2001.

Shane McMahon now owns WCW. But there is no fantasy-based familial strife between Vince & Shane. Shane simply wanted the opportunity to build his own legacy and has purchased WCW with his father's blessing to help achieve it. The other catch is the WCW that Shane acquires is very much based on the Invasion angle and what wrestlers were in it, so its a very thin star-lacking roster. The mod is built and intended for you to play as Shane himself and do whatever you think Shane could or would have done to make WCW successful again.

The data is meant to be as realistic as possible. WCW exists, but only the stars that WWF had available are there. So no Hogan, Flair, Goldberg, Nash, Steiner, Jarrett and many other big names. Booker T, DDP & Bagwell are your big names. Lance Storm, Kanyon, Hugh Morrus, Mike Awesome & Shawn Stasiak are really your core behind them. Who is availible on the free agent market? There's a lot of up-and-coming indy stars who are not quite ready. Scott Hall is in Japan, but brings baggage. A few other WCW and WWF guys like BG James, Glenn Gilbertti, Konnan, The Road Warriors, Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, La Parka & Crowbar, are available. And there's some ECW refugees left in Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Steve Corino and the no-brainer Rob Van Dam. Or maybe you'll find that diamond in the rough.

Maybe you disagree with some choices. Using the basic principle of the realistic handcuffs WWF had, I can assure you most of my choices are right. However, I do agree someone like Jeff Jarrett would have accepted a buyout to keep working, but his heat with the McMahon family prevents it in this scenario. But feel free to use the editor yourself. The other big one is Rey Mysterio Jr. He was actually going to take a contract buy out as well, but Jim Ross convinced him to sit out the contract and heal up, and WWF would come knocking at a much better time for him. Jim Ross was right. But he's another guy who would in a realistic scenario maybe be with the new WCW right away.

Active Companies (37):

USA (19):  All Pro Wrestling - Combat Zone Wrestling - Heartland Wrestling Association - International Wrestling Association - IPW Hardcore Wrestling - IWA Mid-South - Jersey All Pro Wrestling - Memphis Championship Wrestling - NWA Florida - NWA Wildside - Ohio Valley Wrestling - Steel Domain Wrestling - Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling - Ultimate Pro Wrestling - USA Pro Wrestling - World Championship Wrestling - World Wrestling Council - World Wrestling Federation - Xtreme Pro Wrestling

Canada (3): Border City Wrestling - Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling - Stampede Wrestling

Mexico (3): AAA - Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre - Toryumon Mexico

British Isles (1): Frontier Wrestling Alliance

Japan (11): All Japan Pro Wrestling - All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling - Big Japan Pro Wrestling - Dramatic Dream Team - Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling - Michinoku Pro Wrestling - New Japan Pro-Wrestling - Osaka Pro Wrestling - Pro Wrestling NOAH - Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE - Toryumon Japan

To Open Companies (25): Blood, Sweat & Ears - Canadian Professional Wrestling - CHIKARA Pro - Deathproof Fight Club - Deep South Wrestling - Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling - Fighting Of World Japan Pro-Wrestling - Full Impact Pro - IMPACT Wrestling - IPW United Kingdom - IWA East Coast - Major League Wrestling - NWA Europe Pro-Wrestling - Pro Wrestling Alliance - Pro Wrestling Guerrilla - Pro Wrestling IRON - Pro Wrestling WORLD-1 - Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling - Revolution Pro Wrestling - Ring Of Honor - Sendai Girls Pro-Wrestling - SHIMMER Women Athletes - World Wrestling All-Stars - Wrestle-1 - Wrestling Marvelous Future

Active Workers: 1245

To Debut Workers: 121

This can be considered the official release of HCTM. While the data will NEVER be complete, there will always be things to add or modify, I'd hate to simply sit on it forever. I will likely shortly also release 2-other quick edits of the data. 1 will be a "Real World" mod. Which is effectively just the mod as it is, but made "real" by having WCW bought out by WWF and all the appropriate changes. The second will be a version of the data I usually play. As much as I like realism, there are certain "fast forwards" as I call them I find make datas around this time more enjoyable although obviously less realistic. Major examples are Keiji Muto taking over AJPW early with Kojima & Kashin following, the other is MCW being shut down and HWA already being a dev-territory for WWF, but there are other more subtle changes.

HCTM 1.1 Data

HCTM 1.1 Fast Forward

This data has some minor changes that "fast forward" certain real life events, that I find sometimes makes the data more enjoyable. Notable examples: MCW is already closed and HWA is a developmental territory for WWF. Keiji Muto has taken over AJPW and Kojima/Kashin have joined him. And a smattering of other small things. This is the data I actually prefer playing and I am not looking for any input on what I have or havent "fast forwarded." But please feel free to point out obvious errors or overall corrections if you play this instead of the base data

Here Comes The Money Graphics

Also, same rules apply to my data(s) that always do. Please for the love of god, use them as a base to modify your own data and release it. More brains, more people, more data for all is a good thing. My only rule is if you do use my data to make your own thing and release it, let people modify it and release their own version of your data. Share-train.

If you disagree with my data. Fantastic. See the note above. While I do appreciate constructive criticism, dont think I will change stuff to suit your wants/desires/opinions. Ultimately this data is my wants/desires/opinions. This is why I emphasize the above point so much. We all have access to the same editor and same internet for research, if you dont like mods, you can improve them!

Want to help? I could ALWAYS use help with graphics. I am useless with them. I dont understand how the gif graphics work, I dont know any of that stuff. If you think you can help make better graphics or worker pictures please make me some! I only ask for worker pictures that the pictures be as accurate to the year/age as possible. I'd rather have blurry pictures that are correct for the year/age then pristine pictures that are 3-5-10 years in the future from the actual year it should be.

Multiverse of Fandom is available for Pro Wrestling Sim

Pro Wrestling Sim Download Index Fictional Scenarios by Be the Booker

Multiverse of Fandom V7.3 by Ironsky

Multiverse of Fandom (aka Multiverse of Madness Reloaded) is bigger and more complete. The federations all start without contracts in order to hire whoever you want and make sure that each game is different from the others, in full sandbox style.

The Birth of Extreme is available for TEW2020

[TEW2020]The Birth of Extreme[BETA] by rexpolaroyd

The Birth of Extreme

The Birth Of Extreme is set in september 1994 The day after Shane Douglas threw down the NWA World Title and declared EASTERN CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING to be EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP Wrestling

Asaemon For letting me use his amazing choose your direction database from TEW2016 as the base and his Amazing AMP graphics
janS for his venues 
Burning Hamster for some of the later companies
THEWHO87 and Cpt.Charisma for there modern companies and some of the modern workers
Fleisch for his events

Only on BetheBooker.Net

Be the Booker exclusive TEW2020 scenario

The Unofficial 80s Mania Wrestling Scenario is available for Pro Wrestling Sim

Pro Wrestling Sim Download Index Fictional Scenarios by Be the Booker

80s Mania Wrestling by ParadisePhantom

The hit mobile game 80s Mania Wrestling now has an unofficial Pro Wrestling Sim mod!

Ultra Pro Wrestling - Announcement Trailer

Ultra Pro Wrestling by Be the Booker

Ultra Pro Wrestling - Announcement Trailer

Ultra Pro Wrestling is a new video game being developed by HYPERFOCUS GAMES. Inspired by the N64 era of wrestling games.

Pro Wrestling Promoter (Upcoming Wrestling Booking Sim for PC/MAC)

Pro Wrestling Promoter by Be the Booker

Preview of Pro Wrestling Promoter's Quick Book mode, "Book a Supercard"

May 2001 is now available for TEW2020

TEW2020 Download Index by Be the Booker

May 2001 by Mr. Canada

The May 2001 scenario is now available for Total Extreme Wrestling 2020.

New clip of Steve Masson's Upcoming Wrestling Game

What are the best WMMA5 features that not are in TEW2020?

What are the best WMMA5 features that not are in TEW2020? by Asaemon

What are the best WMMA5 features that not are in TEW2020?

Adam Ryland's WMMA series have lots of great features that are not included in TEW.

Features You Completely Forgot Were In Total Extreme Wrestling

Features You Completely Forgot Were In TEW by Asaemon

Features You Completely Forgot Were In TEW

Adam Ryland's Total Extreme Wrestling series has over the years had lots of great features that most of us have forgotten were removed.

Do you remember all these great features were in Total Extreme Wrestling?

Winds of Change (August 1993) for TEW2016

TEW2016 Download Index by Asaemon

Winds of Change by Asaemon

August 1993

"Made in the USA" Lex Luger will square off against WWF champion Yokozuna at Summerslam. Mr. Perfect and the Million Dollar Man are still active wrestlers. It's the last chance to keep the old WWF guard. Will you keep the veterans or will you phase them out in favor of The New Generation?

World Championship Wrestling are building towards the big War Games match at Fall Brawl between Sting, Davey Boy Smith, Dustin Rhodes and Road Warrior Hawk versus The Masters of the Powerbomb (Sid Vicious and Vader) and Harlem Heat. WCW have stars like Sting, Davey Boy Smith, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Sid Vicious, Vader and Rick Rude as well as a talented tag team division with 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell, Chris Benoit & Bobby Eaton, Harlem Heat and The Hollywood Blondes.

The Winds of Change are blowing...

Version 1.1

BetheBooker Exclusive Download

Login Required to download the mod

Choose Your Direction [December 1993] for TEW2016

TEW2016 Download Index by Asaemon

Choose Your Direction by Asaemon

December 1993

Yokozuna is the WWF champion and his next challenger is The Undertaker. Meanwhile in WCW, Ric Flair have agreed to put his career on the line against Vader's World title. In Japan, Vader have accepted Nobuhiko Takada's grandstand challenge, whereas the aforementioned champions are "too afraid" of Takada to face him in UWFi. New Japan are building towards the Genichiro Tenryu vs. Antonio Inoki showdown. The biggest free agent of them all Hulk Hogan is filming the Thunder in Paradise TV series, but is rumoured to be on the radar of WCW and New Japan.
A Total Extreme Wrestling 2016 mod by Asaemon

Version 1.1

BetheBooker Exclusive Download

Login Required to download the mod

2001 Changing History for Pro Wrestling Sim

Pro Wrestling Sim Download Index by Be the Booker

2001 Changing History by Herd85

What If.... Eric Bischoff did buy WCW?

What If.... Paul Heymans ECW didnt go under and instead developed a working relationship with the WWF?

In this mod the world has changed and WWF didn't buy them out, can they recover and challenge the WWF to become the no.1 company in the world?

A 2001 alternative history scenario for Pro Wrestling Sim.

Disclaimer has no affiliation with any pro wrestling brands or organizations. We are a free, non commerical community with no affiliation to any of the games showcased on the website. The names of all televised and live programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans and wrestling moves and all wrestling and other sport related logos used on this forum are trademarks, which are the exclusive property of those companies respectively. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. is an wrestling games community with all the mods and graphics you need for your favorite wrestling booking sims. Site created and moderated by Asaemon. is the largest website for Pro Wrestling Promoter, Pro Wrestling Sim, TEW2016 and TEW2020 with News, Mods, Images, Guides, and Dynasties.

What is about? is a wrestling fantasy booking forum and wrestling games community.

So you want to be a wrestling booker? Want to rebook history? Think you can do better? Come and post your fantasy booking!

You can take charge of any wrestling promotion, in any era with whatever result you like. You fantasy book and then write up the results in the diary section. have the latest news in the world of wrestling games, wrestling booker games and wrestling simulators.

Hall of Legends

Long-running dynasties that have made it into the Hall of Legends!

Read all the Hall of Legends diaries here!

Most wanted wrestling game or utility?

Which editor will you use to edit TEW IX

Which mods would you like to play on TEW IX?

Should TEW2004 be released as abandonware?

Pro Wrestling Promoter Scenario Poll

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