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Pro Wrestling Sim December 2023 Scenario

PWS December 2023 Update by Herd85

Nothing too major this month, just a standard roster/title update!



Hope you enjoy!

Fantasy Booker of the Month - NOVEMBER 2023

Fantasy Booker of the Month - NOVEMBER 2023

AmP Graphics - November 2023 Update

Asaemon's AmP Graphics [TEW] by Asaemon

Asaemon's AmP Graphics

AmP Graphics Download Link Updated 2023-11-03

(for use with the 1993, 1994 and 2002 mods)

Banners 190+
Worker 18000+
Broadcasters 1200+
Events 1200+
Logos 1000+
Random 400+
TV 380+

The AmP Graphics are the best looking graphics available and the obvious choice for all 80s and 90s mods. Over 1600 enhanced worker pictures.

For use with TEW2020, TEW2016, TEW2013, Pro Wrestling Sim and Pro Wrestling Promoter.

The Simulation (Fictional Database World) For Pro Wrestling Sim

The Simulation (Fictional Database World) by strategistjbstevens
Most recent update: November 6, 2023

Since late last year, I've been working on a little project in Pro Wrestling Sim. The game lacks a comprehensive default database and I wanted to make a fictional database that I could have fun with and make interesting fantasy saves with. As the months have gone by, I've put in a lot of work to this, and it's very playable.

There are 22 active promotions, and of those 17 are completed. There are approximately 900 active workers in the database, with plans for between 2000-2500 in total. I'm now posting this to get public feedback as I continue to develop the mod. It's playable and fun, but there's still work to be done. There are no renders or images, but those are in the process of being made.

As of now, the promotions of America, Canada, Britain, Europe, and Japan are completed. There will be 4 promotions in Australia, 2 promotions in Mexico, and 2 promotions in Puerto Rico. There's also going to be many free agent workers available in each region. 

The database's start date is on January 1, 1976. The lore of the mod goes back to the early 1900s, with 11 inactive promotions and the bios of important characters contributing to it. There will be other posts in this thread that will give more of an introduction into the lore of the game about specific characters and promotions, but in this first post I'll give a quick going over of what's been done so far.

There are five promotions in America. World Premier Wrestling is owned by Roberto Ricci. Roberto is the son of Angelo Ricci, a prominent wrestler from the 1930s until the 1950s. Roberto didn't have much to do with pro wrestling until his father was forced out of the Liberty Wrestling Federation in a coup, and after Angelo's death his son wanted revenge. Roberto opened WPW, took several wrestlers who were unhappy with the LWF for ousting Angelo, and he put them out of business in 3 years. He then went after several other promotions, and WPW has been responsible for the closure of the LWF, Vancouver Royal Wrestling, Texas Championship Wrestling, and Southern World Class Wrestling. Roberto respects wrestling and its tradition, but he has no respect for promoters as he holds a grudge due to his father being largely forgotten and ignored by those in the industry. WPW faces practically no competition, aside from Quentin Love. Love bought Atomic Vegas Wrestling in 1971, changed the name to Las Vegas Wrestling Entertainment, and has been promoting some risqué shows. WPW has easily taken their best talent, and the shadiness and downright disgusting behavior of Love has resulted in LVWE suffering. Other promotions include 50th State Wrestling, a promotion whose owner, Kahiau Kahananui, has a lot of influence in wrestling, Washington State Wrestling, an old promotion slowly dying, and New England Championship Wrestling, a promotion responsible for creating most of the modern stars in America and Canada.

Only one major promotion remains in Canada. Historically, four promotions controlled their regions of Canada. The Labelle Wrestling Company, Ontario Championship Wrestling, Calgary Combat Stampede, and Vancouver Royal Wrestling worked together for decades, but when World Premier Wrestling began stealing stars and venues, they suffered. VRW went out of business in 1969, and in 1974, the other three promotions decided to merge together and form the Canadian Wrestling Coalition. They've done a good job of keeping WPW from doing any more harm, and thanks to the merging of rosters they now have perhaps the best set of talent in the world.

Britain's wrestling industry was ruled by Majesty Wrestling for two decades. The promotion had the official backing of the government, thanks to Harry Billingsley's deceit, and they had the law behind them to shut down all other promotions in the country, forcing those that remain to go into hiding just to keep holding shows. They opened their own training school and had a monopoly on wrestling. Then in 1971, New Era Wrestling began after a group of underappreciated wrestlers left Majesty Wrestling and got the backing of a rich investor. They've taken a lot of stars from Majesty Wrestling, and the two promotions are fighting each other with underhanded tactics and putting on great shows.

Europe lacked any major wrestling promotion for many years because World War I and World War II. Wrestling was mostly a carnival show attraction until the late 1940s, when small, organized promotions finally began to pop up and stay running. Then in 1955, European Championship Grappling opened. It held shows with the best talent in Europe, and after touring around West Germany, ECG would tour all of Western Europe and become a solid promotion. In 1975, Gregor Wendl, the promoter of ECG, was forced to resign in disgrace after a scandal. ECG lost most of its roster, and even with the aid of a new young owner, the promotion is having trouble regaining credibility with fans and people within wrestling.

Japan has a history of the wrestling industry regulating itself. In 1948, the Empire Wrestling Alliance was formed. Any promotions within the alliance benefitted immensely, but any promotions that went against the alliance or ran without it's backing would be run out of business through all manner of unethical business practices. Things ran smoothly until 1955, when the International Wrestling Association left the alliance to become the top promotion in the country, after it became unhappy with its status within the alliance. The EWA funded and formed the Royal Wrestling Association, and soon the two promotions were at each other's throats. In 1959, the IWA went out of business, but a large blow had been dealt to the EWA, and it took years to recover. In 1971, Modern Golden Japanese Wrestling was started, after a massive exodus of wrestlers from the RWA left due to dissatisfaction with the CEO of the RWA, Masu Wakamura. The disagreement was very public, and the EWA's image suffered greatly. The alliance is suffering from more internal fighting, and while the RWA is still the top promotion in the country, it's stagnant and falling from its position.

Australia's promotions are spread apart and there's not much history, but that history is being made in the present. Four notable promotions are across the continent: Emerald City Championship Wrestling in Sydney, Australia, the Melbourne Wrestling Federation in Melbourne, Australia, Iron Championship Wrestling in Perth, Australia, and Darwin Wrestling in Darwin, Australia. ECCW and the MWF were inspired by American promotions. They're the largest promotions in Australia, but they're nowhere near being at a national level and they only hold shows within their regions. They're looking to expand, but they're constantly at each other's throats, and rather than work together, which could improve their situations, they instead steal talent and sabotage shows. Iron Championship Wrestling was created by a wrestler named Iron Strangler, after he left Darwin Wrestling. ICW is a mostly traditional wrestling promotion, but it also has some hardcore wrestling and innovative styles. ICW does okay, but it's held by back Iron Strangler withholding pay and doing whatever he can to get one over on his roster. Darwin Wrestling had the best wrestlers in Australia, but when Cyclone Tracy hit the city of Darwin in 1974, a large portion of the roster who had lived in the city evacuated, resulting in Darwin losing much of its roster and having to bring in new wrestlers. Still, it has great wrestlers and the potential to rebuild.

I look forward to receiving feedback as I continue making this mod.

Here Comes The Money Is Available for TEW2020

TEW 2020 - Here Comes The Money 2001 Release by Mr. Canada

Here Comes The Money - 2001


It's May 2001, and a McMahon has purchased WCW. Shane McMahon! This mod was made to try and best simulate the most realistic, but still fantasy scenario of a "What if..." for WCW in 2001.

Shane McMahon now owns WCW. But there is no fantasy-based familial strife between Vince & Shane. Shane simply wanted the opportunity to build his own legacy and has purchased WCW with his father's blessing to help achieve it. The other catch is the WCW that Shane acquires is very much based on the Invasion angle and what wrestlers were in it, so its a very thin star-lacking roster. The mod is built and intended for you to play as Shane himself and do whatever you think Shane could or would have done to make WCW successful again.

The data is meant to be as realistic as possible. WCW exists, but only the stars that WWF had available are there. So no Hogan, Flair, Goldberg, Nash, Steiner, Jarrett and many other big names. Booker T, DDP & Bagwell are your big names. Lance Storm, Kanyon, Hugh Morrus, Mike Awesome & Shawn Stasiak are really your core behind them. Who is availible on the free agent market? There's a lot of up-and-coming indy stars who are not quite ready. Scott Hall is in Japan, but brings baggage. A few other WCW and WWF guys like BG James, Glenn Gilbertti, Konnan, The Road Warriors, Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, La Parka & Crowbar, are available. And there's some ECW refugees left in Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Steve Corino and the no-brainer Rob Van Dam. Or maybe you'll find that diamond in the rough.

Maybe you disagree with some choices. Using the basic principle of the realistic handcuffs WWF had, I can assure you most of my choices are right. However, I do agree someone like Jeff Jarrett would have accepted a buyout to keep working, but his heat with the McMahon family prevents it in this scenario. But feel free to use the editor yourself. The other big one is Rey Mysterio Jr. He was actually going to take a contract buy out as well, but Jim Ross convinced him to sit out the contract and heal up, and WWF would come knocking at a much better time for him. Jim Ross was right. But he's another guy who would in a realistic scenario maybe be with the new WCW right away.

Active Companies (37):

USA (19):  All Pro Wrestling - Combat Zone Wrestling - Heartland Wrestling Association - International Wrestling Association - IPW Hardcore Wrestling - IWA Mid-South - Jersey All Pro Wrestling - Memphis Championship Wrestling - NWA Florida - NWA Wildside - Ohio Valley Wrestling - Steel Domain Wrestling - Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling - Ultimate Pro Wrestling - USA Pro Wrestling - World Championship Wrestling - World Wrestling Council - World Wrestling Federation - Xtreme Pro Wrestling

Canada (3): Border City Wrestling - Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling - Stampede Wrestling

Mexico (3): AAA - Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre - Toryumon Mexico

British Isles (1): Frontier Wrestling Alliance

Japan (11): All Japan Pro Wrestling - All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling - Big Japan Pro Wrestling - Dramatic Dream Team - Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling - Michinoku Pro Wrestling - New Japan Pro-Wrestling - Osaka Pro Wrestling - Pro Wrestling NOAH - Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE - Toryumon Japan

To Open Companies (25): Blood, Sweat & Ears - Canadian Professional Wrestling - CHIKARA Pro - Deathproof Fight Club - Deep South Wrestling - Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling - Fighting Of World Japan Pro-Wrestling - Full Impact Pro - IMPACT Wrestling - IPW United Kingdom - IWA East Coast - Major League Wrestling - NWA Europe Pro-Wrestling - Pro Wrestling Alliance - Pro Wrestling Guerrilla - Pro Wrestling IRON - Pro Wrestling WORLD-1 - Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling - Revolution Pro Wrestling - Ring Of Honor - Sendai Girls Pro-Wrestling - SHIMMER Women Athletes - World Wrestling All-Stars - Wrestle-1 - Wrestling Marvelous Future

Active Workers: 1245

To Debut Workers: 121

This can be considered the official release of HCTM. While the data will NEVER be complete, there will always be things to add or modify, I'd hate to simply sit on it forever. I will likely shortly also release 2-other quick edits of the data. 1 will be a "Real World" mod. Which is effectively just the mod as it is, but made "real" by having WCW bought out by WWF and all the appropriate changes. The second will be a version of the data I usually play. As much as I like realism, there are certain "fast forwards" as I call them I find make datas around this time more enjoyable although obviously less realistic. Major examples are Keiji Muto taking over AJPW early with Kojima & Kashin following, the other is MCW being shut down and HWA already being a dev-territory for WWF, but there are other more subtle changes.

HCTM 1.1 Data

HCTM 1.1 Fast Forward

This data has some minor changes that "fast forward" certain real life events, that I find sometimes makes the data more enjoyable. Notable examples: MCW is already closed and HWA is a developmental territory for WWF. Keiji Muto has taken over AJPW and Kojima/Kashin have joined him. And a smattering of other small things. This is the data I actually prefer playing and I am not looking for any input on what I have or havent "fast forwarded." But please feel free to point out obvious errors or overall corrections if you play this instead of the base data

Here Comes The Money Graphics

Also, same rules apply to my data(s) that always do. Please for the love of god, use them as a base to modify your own data and release it. More brains, more people, more data for all is a good thing. My only rule is if you do use my data to make your own thing and release it, let people modify it and release their own version of your data. Share-train.

If you disagree with my data. Fantastic. See the note above. While I do appreciate constructive criticism, dont think I will change stuff to suit your wants/desires/opinions. Ultimately this data is my wants/desires/opinions. This is why I emphasize the above point so much. We all have access to the same editor and same internet for research, if you dont like mods, you can improve them!

Want to help? I could ALWAYS use help with graphics. I am useless with them. I dont understand how the gif graphics work, I dont know any of that stuff. If you think you can help make better graphics or worker pictures please make me some! I only ask for worker pictures that the pictures be as accurate to the year/age as possible. I'd rather have blurry pictures that are correct for the year/age then pristine pictures that are 3-5-10 years in the future from the actual year it should be.

Compactverse for Pro Wrestling Sim

Pro Wrestling Sim Download Index by Asaemon

Compactverse 2023 by BasicThuganomics

June 1st 2023 data is now available for Pro Wrestling Sim!

 Real World Update by TheWho87 is available for TEW2020

TEW2020 Download Index by Be the Booker

 Real World Update by TheWho87 is now available for TEW2020

Multiverse of Fandom is available for Pro Wrestling Sim

Pro Wrestling Sim Download Index Fictional Scenarios by Be the Booker

Multiverse of Fandom V7.3 by Ironsky

Multiverse of Fandom (aka Multiverse of Madness Reloaded) is bigger and more complete. The federations all start without contracts in order to hire whoever you want and make sure that each game is different from the others, in full sandbox style.

The Birth of Extreme is available for TEW2020

[TEW2020]The Birth of Extreme[BETA] by rexpolaroyd


The Birth Of Extreme is set in september 1994 The day after Shane Douglas threw down the NWA World Title and declared EASTERN CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING to be EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP Wrestling

Asaemon For letting me use his amazing choose your direction database from TEW2016 as the base and his Amazing AMP graphics
janS for his venues 
Burning Hamster for some of the later companies
THEWHO87 and Cpt.Charisma for there modern companies and some of the modern workers
Fleisch for his events

                                                                                                                    (Picture Pack)


1986 Wrestling Timeline is available for TEW2020

TEW2020 Download Index by Be the Booker

Wrestling Timeline 1986 | The World Is Watching by jhd1

A real world scenario set in 1986 for Total Extreme Wrestling 2020.

United States of America

By January 1986, the wrestling industry, at least in the United States, was beginning to realise that the World Wrestling Federation was on the verge of a hostile takeover. Having quickly dismantled large swathes of the territory system and held the hugely successful inaugural Wrestlemania the previous year, Vince McMahon’s WWF heads into 1986 looking to turn the company from giant to titan. In an effort to compete with the sports entertainment juggernaut, Jim Crockett Promotions has been taking over territories himself, most notably the St Louis Wrestling Club. With an eye on territories in Florida and Missouri, Jim Crockett Jr is looking to build a roster and fan base to rival Vince McMahon. Verne Gagne’s American Wrestling Association continues to offer a sports-heavy alternative, but is increasingly seen as being out of touch with the modern fan. Despite last September’s SuperClash joint event, the AWA and JCP are less friendly than ever, with Gagne seeming to be turning his attention towards Fritz Von Erich and Jerry Jarrett. Other promoters have been rebranding in an effort to turn their regional promotion into a national-sounding alternative to the WWF; Bill Watts’s Mid-South Wrestling is now the Universal Wrestling Federation, while Ron Fuller’s Southeastern Championship Wrestling has become Continental Championship Wrestling. Not all is rosy, however, with Bob Geigel’s Central States Wrestling looking increasingly shaky, while Duke Keomuka and Hiro Matsuda’s attempts to continue Championship Wrestling from Florida after 1985’s passing of Eddie Graham could go either way. Rumours of law troubles plague Lia Maivia and Lars Anderson in Hawaii, while Don Owen’s Pacific Northwest Wrestling remains a steady feature in Portland despite losing many of its top stars.


The United States isn’t the only country to have had its wrestling industry taken over by Vince McMahon. McMahon and the WWF have bought out the Tunneys of Toronto and had a short spell as owner of Stampede Wrestling before selling back to Bruce Hart late last year. Stampede and Lutte Internationale of Quebec remain under the thumb of McMahon even if they are, on paper at least, independent promotions. Out west, Al Tomko continues his goal of making Vancouver All Star Wrestling all about him (and soon his son, Rick Davis). Across the country, the Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling promotion is now under the stewardship of Paul Peller. Continuing its traditional summer tours, AGPW has carved itself out a decent niche that should keep it safe for the time being.


Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre, now headed up by Paco Alonso, continues to dominate the lucha libre scene, with its biggest challenger, the Universal Wrestling Association now acting more like an ally than an enemy, presumably having realised the futility of fighting against the country’s oldest and biggest promotion. Both companies have strong rosters, and with a large cohort of young talent out there just waiting to be hired, lucha libre looks set to be in a great position heading into 1986.


Japan’s “big two” promotions, All Japan Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling, continue to argue over who is the number one company. For most fans, they are pretty much head-to-head, with Giant Baba and Antonio Inoki still acting as great figureheads for their respective companies. Both companies are in the midst of “invasion” storylines, with the guardians of NJPW doing battle with Akira Maeda and his former UWF colleagues, while AJPW and Giant Baba are at war with Riki Choshu’s Ishin Gundan is invading from the Japan Pro-Wrestling “promotion”. Joshi wrestling continues to go from strength-to-strength as All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling looks to the likes of Jaguar Yokota, Devil Masami and Bull Nakano to take it forward into the back half of the 1980s.

British Isles and Europe

Professional wrestling in the UK took a big blow in late 1985 when World of Sport was taken off the air. Wrestling remains on ITV, but with a constantly shifting slot, Joint Promotions is beginning to maintain its momentum. Worse still is that the promotion’s contract with ITV expires later this year, with Brian Dixon’s All Star Wrestling and the USA’s World Wrestling Federation reportedly eyeing up the slot. While Joint Promotions continues to build around the 55-year old Big Daddy, All Star Wrestling is looking to the likes of Johnny Saint, Wayne Bridges and Dave Taylor to bring in the crowds, using its slot on Satellite Sports to good effect. Ffederasiwn Reslo Cymru, owned by Orig Williams, continues to air a weekly show on Welsh-language channel S4C. While the promotion’s appeal outside of Wales is limited, the company has built itself a solid fanbase in the valleys.

In mainland Europe, Otto Wanz and his Catch Wrestling Association remain the only real game in town. Touring the likes of Austria and Germany, the CWA is one of the few promotions that doesn’t hold shows all year round. Despite some solid homegrown talent, and, of course, big pushes for himself, Otto Wanz’ biggest draws are from the UK and America.

Warhawk's Wrestling Multiverse

HYPE/RELEASES Warhawk's Wrestling Multiverse by Warhawk8492

Welcome fantasy booking enthusiasts to Warhawk’s Wrestling Mulitverse! This mod series has multiple continuities each unique from each other. A few of the main ones listed


TNA Resurgent


 Remember when Corgan before his real life work with the NWA worked with Impact and was trying to buy control of the company?  This fell through in real life but what if this was not the case? What if Corgan did buy control of Impact and got rid of Dixie Carter? Well this answers those questions.


Quite a few things are changed in TNA Resurgent in this alternate 2016.


A whole new Alliance, The Corgan Coalition is in existence, a trading alliance for TNA and affiliate promotions. This includes TNA having a developmental fed of its own, MCW Wrestling (formally Maryland Championship Wrestling).


TNA/Impact itself is a bit different. Corgan, with the backing of off screen investors has brought in some new talent from other companies as well. 


This mod has been long planned as the launching point and will be the first to get a full release.


                Never Ending Monday Night Wars


Think of a world where WCW was better booked. They never stumbled. While the WWF Attitude Era was still a big success and on the WCW side the 83 weeks still  happen By the time January 2003 (the mod start date) has rolled around the long running Monday Night Wars have been a stalemate for years.  ECW hung through its money woes by a thread until being backed by MTV, who tried to get RAW and were shot down by Vince.  Heyman is still CEO of ECW Inc, with Sapolsky as booker. The NWA has in the mod been making a comeback, still as a governing body of territories.   Some of the companies of the 2000s still exist here with others being able TO exist under the right conditions. World Wrestling All Stars still exists in 2003 under Andrew McMahonus and Vince Russo who stayed in WWF/E longer than OTL.  Ring of Honor can form if Sapolsky leaves ECW, and under the right conditions TNA can form. A few alternate feds could also exist under the right conditions. I plan on this being an epic mod.  I am hoping for a lot of alterations from big to small. Keep an eye on this concept


                                        Other Mods


I plan on some other mods being part of this as well, a few interesting concepts have floated through my head. I hope to bring a lot to life in TEW. I might if the mod gets enough traction do a TV tropes page or even a wiki if enough support is shown. 


Feel free to inquire about joining Warhawk Studios today!

1992 Chronicles v2.5 is available for TEW2020

TEW2020 Download Index by Be the Booker

1992 Chronicles by Fleisch

Version 2.5 the TEW2020 scenario 1992 Chronicles are available. 1992 Chronicles is a continuation on the popular TEW2016 scenario Eye of the Storm created by Justtxyank.

1991 was a tumultuous year for the wrestling industry. The American wrestling scene was rocked by devastating scandals; the steroid story that just won't go away combined with the the WWF's tasteless use of Sgt. Slaughter as an Iraqi sympathizer moved wrestling from something gently touched upon into the mocked and scorned column. Business has fallen throughout the United States and the WWF in particular lost significant sponsorship and broadcasting opportunities. McMahon's hope is that the recent acquisition of the Nature Boy Ric Flair will goose attendance and revitalize the struggling Federation.

Who's Next is available for Pro Wrestling Sim

Pro Wrestling Sim Download Index by Be the Booker

Who's Next by basmat01

April 2003

Why April?

WWE has Goldberg's debut and Evolution, TNA is mini ECW, ROH is full of wrestling's future superstars!

Version: 0.1 available here

Real World Chronicles for TEW2020

TEW2020 Download Index by Be the Booker

Real World Chronicles by Questlove

The current day scenario is now available for Total Extreme Wrestling 2020.

Ennos Ultimate Picture Pack forPro Wrestling Sim

Ennos Ultimate Picture Pack - Pro Wrestling Sim by DerEnno

Hey everyone! 

At first, let me introduce me to all of you. My Name is Enno and I'm from Germany. I'm new into making modded Picture Packs, but I'm not new into graphic design. (rofl)  Most of my time, I played TEW with reallife modpacks and my dream was to work on my very own picture pack. My favorite Pic Pack is the "SAMPP"-Pack for TEW & because of that, I wanted to create a "SAMPP"-based pack, but for PWS! I'm new into the "Pro Wrestling Simulator"-Game, but I love the customization part. 

Of course, I work on some packs, but the first two packs I can present to you are the "Network"- & the "Show & Promotion"-Pack. 

The "Network"-Pack comes with over 160 Network & Broadcaster Logos and works for mostly all Databases for "Pro Wrestling Sim". 

>> EUPP - Broadcast Pack - December 2022 <<

The "Promotion & Show"-Pack comes with over 125 Show & Promotion Logos and works for mostly all Databases for "Pro Wrestling Sim". 
The design is mostly SAMPP-Based and a lot of designs look familiar to the SAMPP-Pack for the TEW game. Big shoutout to the original Creator "joemurphy" for his work. I loved the pack, so I wanted to implement it to PWS!

>> EUPP - Show & Promotion Pack - December 2022 <<

Also, I'm currently working on Superstars, Titles and more. The next pack will be the "WWE, NXT, AEW, ROH, Impact"-Pack with all Superstars, Titles & Eventlogos. I'll let you know it it's ready. 

Sincerly, Enno

The Unofficial 80s Mania Wrestling Scenario is available for Pro Wrestling Sim

Pro Wrestling Sim Download Index Fictional Scenarios by Be the Booker

80s Mania Wrestling by ParadisePhantom

The hit mobile game 80s Mania Wrestling now has an unofficial Pro Wrestling Sim mod!

Ultra Pro Wrestling - Announcement Trailer

Ultra Pro Wrestling by Be the Booker

Ultra Pro Wrestling - Announcement Trailer

Ultra Pro Wrestling is a new video game being developed by HYPERFOCUS GAMES. Inspired by the N64 era of wrestling games.

AAW Update 1988-2003 v1.05 is available for Pro Wrestling Sim

Pro Wrestling Sim Download Index by Be the Booker

AAW Update 1988-2003 by Gazwefc is now available

New version of the scenario collection which now includes a brand new 1988 scenario.

Complete with cut out PNG worker images.

The mod can be downloaded from the Pro Wrestling Sim Download Index

FedHead Online Wrestling Management Simulator

FedHead Wrestling by Be the Booker

FedHead Wrestling

FedHead Wrestling is an online, scenario driven, mobile friendly, professional wrestling management simulator. Take control of a wrestling company, hire wrestlers, plan shows, and compete to become the top pro wrestling company in the world!

Coming in 2023!

FedHead Wrestling is being developed by Brian Brinegar in the late 1990's through early 2000's, Brian was the lead developer on early Pro Wrestling Simulators Zeus Pro and online E-Fed wrestling system G-Fed Wrestling.

FedHead Wrestling is a re-imagining of the never released Windows game, FedHead: Takeover.

Pro Wrestling Promoter (Upcoming Wrestling Booking Sim for PC/MAC)

Pro Wrestling Promoter by Be the Booker

Preview of Pro Wrestling Promoter's Quick Book mode, "Book a Supercard"

May 2001 is now available for TEW2020

TEW2020 Download Index by Be the Booker

May 2001 by Mr. Canada

The May 2001 scenario is now available for Total Extreme Wrestling 2020.

Beyond 2006 / Extreme Revival is available for Pro Wrestling Sim

Pro Wrestling Sim Download Index by Be the Booker

Beyond 2006 / Extreme Revival by Bigdawgtay is available for Pro Wrestling Sim

The scenario takes place the day of ECW One Night Stand 2006. It features 17 companies, new profile pics, logos, TV networks of the time, and more.

New screenshot of Main Event Wrestling Manager

Main Event Wrestling Manager [wrestling management game] by Be the Booker

New screenshot of Main Event Wrestling Manager

Main Event Wrestling Manager is an upcoming wrestling promotion management game developed by Chartist Games.

New clip of Steve Masson's Upcoming Wrestling Game

What are the best WMMA5 features that not are in TEW2020?

What are the best WMMA5 features that not are in TEW2020? by Asaemon

What are the best WMMA5 features that not are in TEW2020?

Adam Ryland's WMMA series have lots of great features that are not included in TEW.

Features You Completely Forgot Were In Total Extreme Wrestling

Features You Completely Forgot Were In TEW by Asaemon

Features You Completely Forgot Were In TEW

Adam Ryland's Total Extreme Wrestling series has over the years had lots of great features that most of us have forgotten were removed.

Do you remember all these great features were in Total Extreme Wrestling?

Asaemon's Venue Database for TEW2020

TEW2020 Download Index by Asaemon

Asaemon's Venue Database

Historic wrestling arenas with  preset opening and closing dates and short descriptions. Includes many classic WCW and WWF venues. So now you can finally rebook historic WCW or WWF tours in Europe and use all the classic arenas.

Version 1.1

BetheBooker Exclusive Download

Login Required to download the mod

Winds of Change (August 1993) for TEW2016

TEW2016 Download Index by Asaemon

Winds of Change by Asaemon

August 1993

"Made in the USA" Lex Luger will square off against WWF champion Yokozuna at Summerslam. Mr. Perfect and the Million Dollar Man are still active wrestlers. It's the last chance to keep the old WWF guard. Will you keep the veterans or will you phase them out in favor of The New Generation?

World Championship Wrestling are building towards the big War Games match at Fall Brawl between Sting, Davey Boy Smith, Dustin Rhodes and Road Warrior Hawk versus The Masters of the Powerbomb (Sid Vicious and Vader) and Harlem Heat. WCW have stars like Sting, Davey Boy Smith, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Sid Vicious, Vader and Rick Rude as well as a talented tag team division with 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell, Chris Benoit & Bobby Eaton, Harlem Heat and The Hollywood Blondes.

The Winds of Change are blowing...

Version 1.1

BetheBooker Exclusive Download

Login Required to download the mod

Choose Your Direction [December 1993] for TEW2016

TEW2016 Download Index by Asaemon

Choose Your Direction by Asaemon

December 1993

Yokozuna is the WWF champion and his next challenger is The Undertaker. Meanwhile in WCW, Ric Flair have agreed to put his career on the line against Vader's World title. In Japan, Vader have accepted Nobuhiko Takada's grandstand challenge, whereas the aforementioned champions are "too afraid" of Takada to face him in UWFi. New Japan are building towards the Genichiro Tenryu vs. Antonio Inoki showdown. The biggest free agent of them all Hulk Hogan is filming the Thunder in Paradise TV series, but is rumoured to be on the radar of WCW and New Japan.
A Total Extreme Wrestling 2016 mod by Asaemon

Version 1.1

BetheBooker Exclusive Download

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Lethal Dose of Poison - June 2002 scenario for TEW2020

TEW2020 Download Index by Be the Booker

Lethal Dose of Poison by slicknick3822

A June 2002 scenario (Alpha v1) for TEW2020.

2001 Changing History for Pro Wrestling Sim

Pro Wrestling Sim Download Index by Be the Booker

2001 Changing History by Herd85

What If.... Eric Bischoff did buy WCW?

What If.... Paul Heymans ECW didnt go under and instead developed a working relationship with the WWF?

In this mod the world has changed and WWF didn't buy them out, can they recover and challenge the WWF to become the no.1 company in the world?

A 2001 alternative history scenario for Pro Wrestling Sim.

Cause For Conflict (January 1994) for TEW2016

TEW2016 Download Index by Asaemon

1994 - Cause For Conflict by Asaemon

Alternative History Real World Mod for Total Extreme Wrestling 2016 by Asaemon

What if the Blackburn scissor fight never happened?

With Vader running through basically everyone in World Championship Wrestling, there is one viable challenger left: the other Master of the Powerbomb, Sid Vicious. The two powerhouses did battle it out at Starrcade with Sid Vicious defeating Vader for the WCW World Heavyweight title.

Version 1.2

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