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Journey of Wrestling is on sale. Save 35%

Fantasy Booker of the Month - May 2022

Fantasy Booker of the Month - May 2022

Lethal Dose of Poison - June 2002 scenario for TEW2020

TEW2020 Download Index by Be the Booker

Lethal Dose of Poison by slicknick3822

A June 2002 scenario (Alpha v1) for TEW2020.

2001 Changing History for Pro Wrestling Sim

Pro Wrestling Sim Download Index by Be the Booker

2001 Changing History by Herd85

What If.... Eric Bischoff did buy WCW?

What If.... Paul Heymans ECW didnt go under and instead developed a working relationship with the WWF?

In this mod the world has changed and WWF didn't buy them out, can they recover and challenge the WWF to become the no.1 company in the world?

A 2001 alternative history scenario for Pro Wrestling Sim.

The Latest Wrestling Games Sales!

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Wrestling Survives 2022 for Pro Wrestling Sim

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Wrestling Survives by Zerogaming

A 2022 scenario for Pro Wrestling Sim. What would happen if WWE never buys WCW and ECW. What happens to the pro wrestling world?

In a world where WWF never has to take on the E name due to winning the lawsuit against World Wildlife Federation, Thus keeping the name of WWF. Paul Heyman hits the lottery thus finally being able to pay talent and he strikes a TV Deal with MTV. Dusty Rhodes still gets his hall of fame spot. afterwards he purchases the NWA to keep it afloat. hiring his sons Dustin and Cody. Eric Bischoff purchases WCW and lands deals with Nascar and Harley Davidson to keep WCW alive. Chris Benoit never leaves WCW thus getting a real world title run and never has that one tragic day. Eddie Gurrero leaves WCW has a great career in the F then retires and purchases AAA. Stone Cole never has the heel turn at Mania 17 and he beats Rock clean. The heel turn that never happens doesnt kill him so he stays in the business. Triple H never marries Stephanie McMahon thus never gets the spot in NXT. NXT doesnt exist due to Dusty going to purchase NWA. Undertaker still does the legendary streak. The Brand Split still happens with Shane purchasing Smackdown instead of WCW. Josh barnett joins ECW with the fact of GCW never existing and he does Bloodsport as a ECW PPV. Lesnar joins ECW instead of WWF due to giving Ric flair a career ending injury during his try out. John Cena and Batista still go to the WWF after OVW but Orton goes to the NWA. Jeff Jarrett and his Father still form TNA after Hulk Hogan walking from WCW the WCW Management fire Vince Russo. This would trigger Jeff to walk. TNA would be formed. James Storm and AJ Styles would still go to TNA. Daniel Bryan would never leave ROH. Goldberg never leaves WCW thus never having the run in the F. Abudullah never leaves ECW. retires and becomes backstage staff. The Young Bucks and Kenny go to WCW. They are the future like Rollins and Reigns is for WWF. Tough Enough still happens but it airs on VH1 instead of MTV. CM Punk leaves ROH and goes to ECW instead of WWF due to his relationship with Paul and Gary. Doesnt Marry AJ Lee. During the 2003 era. Lita cheats on Matt Hardy with Edge thus forcing Matt and Jeff to leave and to go to ECW. In late 2014 The Dudleys go back to ECW and Bully Ray happens in ECW. Aces and 8's NEVER HAPPEN. Dixie Carter never gets involved in TNA. Shelton takes Ortons place in the Evolution history. Hogan still goes to the WWF and still has the match with The Rock. Wrestlemania XX Shawn vs Angle vs HHH with Angle going over.

2001 - Vince russo is fired from WCW after Hogan walks. Jeff Jarrett leaves WCW to begin forming TNA with his father. Rock and Austin still happen with no heel turn. Shane vs vince still happens. Kurt angle vs Jericho happens at Mania 17. Eric buys WCW. Booker T starts his first actual run as WCW Champ. Tazz is ECW Champion.

2002 - Hogan has left WCW and goes to do the match with the rock at Mania 18. Stone cold vs HHH at Mania 18 where HHH gets his run as "The Man". TNA Forms has its first show in October. sees the likes of AJ Styles. R Truth. BG James. the new blood of professional. WCW is still seeing a run by booker t. Goldberg is back in the main events. him and Scott Stiener has a amazing feud. Sid still has the leg break. ECW is going strong. we see the first run of Steve corino. as ECW's never top Heel vs RVD.

2003 - Evolution is born. Shane debuts the WWF Global Heavyweight Championship. Where Jericho would capture the title at Mania 19. HHH has the run as WWF Champ still has a three way with Rock and Austin where Rock gets the belt back. WCW Sting gets back the WCW Title. DDP and Booker and Goldberg and Sting are fighting for the top spot. ECW Corino is at the top. Rock drops the belt later in the year to Shawn who has a great run as Rock goes to do movies and Austin becomes semi active. Undertaker does another run as the American Badass. TNA is seeing bigger shows as guys like AJ Styles become house hold names.

2004 - Kane reammurges as a Top Heel. Fights Taker at mania. Kurt Angle takes the WWF Title from HHH after winning the rumble. WCW is now seeing guys like Benoit are finally World Champions. Benoit has a great run as World Champion. ECW is seeing the dominance of Steve. as Terry comes out of retirement. TNA is still seeing some rise. Eddie win the Global Title in WWF. has a steady run but retires and purchases aaa. Starts working agreement with TNA.

2005 - Cena still has his rise to stardum. Taker comes back to face Shelton. Shelton comes up short but has amazing performance. HHH is still at the top but loses the title to Batista. in ECW Lesnar is ECW champion tearing it up. Having amazing matches with RVD and Jeff Hardy. Edge still does the MITB. Christian is having a good run as IC Champ. TNA is still seeing the rise of AJ and the X division having the working agreement with AAA. WCW and NJPW and NWA all work together to create wrestling history with super shows. WCW is seeing Booker T at his best. NWO isnt a thing anymore. Goldberg is still going.

2006 - Eddie dies in 2006. Rey leaves WWF to take control of AAA. Attempts working agreement with WWF as well as TNA. To help all three companies. Shelton win the rumble Evolution falls apart. Shelton fights HHH for the WWF Title. John Cena beats Jericho for the Global. Taker faces Kane at Mania. WCW has the powerplant and starts to show the future of WCW. Vladimir debuts in WCW. Kofi goes to WWF. we start to see the future of pro wrestling. ECW starts to create a Deathmatch Tournament.

2007 - TNA has the run of a lifetime as Samoa Joe and the Guns are taking the world by storm. AJ and Joe feud over the World Title. Sting rises back to the top of WCW. Angle has the feud of the year with John Cena. Edge is WWF Champ. RVD is ECW Champion still feuding with brock. AAA is rising to the top. TNA works with NJPW to have cross overs.

2008 - Rusev is in OVW training alongside Nikki Cross and Bo Dallas. Kevin Steen changes ROH. making it big time with his feud. Tyler Black is killing it over in ROh. LAX is formed in TNA. Cena wins the Royal Rumble. goes on to win his first WWF Title. CM Punk is the face of ECW. Brock goes to MMA. in WCW Sting is feuding with Vampiro as Abyss debuts in WCW. Miz and Morrison debut in WWF. debut the dirt sheet. Evan Bourne goes to ECW. Shawn vs HHH finally is one on one at mania. Edge tries to break the streak.

2009 - Shelton wins the Royal Rumble. Randy wins the NWA World title for the first time. Shelton goes on to challenge the WWF Champion HHH and Shawn Michaels wins the global Heavyweight title and fights Edge and Cena at mania. WCW abyss is running wild as WCW Champ. TNA gives Joe the world Title as his run begins. ECW has the feud of the decade with RVD vs Punk for the ECW Title. AAA is still going strong.

2010 - Randy jumps ship from NWA to WCW with the NWA World Title causing heat between NWA and WCW. These two companies are now at WAR. Eddie Edwards has a great run in ROH he gets a contract from WCW. Kurt angle wins the Rumble. goes on to win the Global title having MATCH OF THE YEAR at Mania 27. Nexus is formed by Wade Barret from OVW. With Rusev, Ryback, Darren Young, slater and Gabriel. Christian leaves WWF and goes to NWA. becomes NWA World Champion. Randy Orton battles DDP in a dream match for both titles and wins. Randy is WCW World Heavyweight Champion. TNA is still being dommed by Joe.

2011 - ROH is seeing the rise of Adam Cole, Kyle, Bobby, the bucks and Omega. Austin Aries goes to WCW. the 40 man royal rumble never happens. but Edge wins the Rumble and goes on to beat Cena at Mania 27. Rock Returns at Mania to set up the feud with Cena. Wade wins MITB. WCW sees the reign of Orton and Flair returns to Wcw and forms the Horsemen with Orton at the helm. Benoit as Enforcer. Roode and Storm jump ship to WCW to join the horsemen. TNA now tries to work with NWA. Cody is having a killer mid card run and Dustin and Cage have feud of the year for the NWA World title. Kid and Davey Boy jump ship to NWA. Bret managed them. CM Punk hosts a State of ECW Address dropping a even better pipebomb then is interuupted by Stone Cold who returns to ECW the land that made him.

2012 - Wade cashes in at the rumble. Chris Jericho wins the rumble. Dolph wins the MITB cashes at mania its a 3 way. Dolph wins the WWF Title and Taker wins the global Title against JBL. Rock vs Cena happens at Mania. Moxley debuts in ECW. Hero goes to TNA. Tyler Black goes to WCW. AJ Styles end the reign of Joe in TNA. Mark Henry debuts the Hall of Pain by challenging Taker after Mania and beating him. NWA is still seeing their rise with Cage, Dustin and now cody has now entered the MAin Event scene.

2013 - Judas is killing it in AAA. Adam Cole is ROH World champion. Morrison goes to WCW. James Storm goes back to TNA and becomes World Champion. feuds with Styles. Magnus is rising. Cena wins the Rumble but comes up short against the rock who beat Henry. and Dolph faces Jericho and beats him. *434* PAC is working in NJPW, ROH and Dragongate. Paige is Womens Champion in WWF. PAc and Danielson kill it for the ROH World Title. Slater wins the MITB. but comes up short against Dolph. Tyler Black takes the upper mid card of WCW to new heights. Sting once again becomes WCW Champ. Roman Reigns debuts for WWF.

2014 - Batista wins his first rumble. Takes down the Rock at mania. Cesaro wins the MITB. Cesaro beats Dolph. Roman feuds with The Rock. Roman brings in the USOs and debuts the Bloodline. with Rikishi as a Manager. WCW sees Rollins finally become WCW World Champion. Moxley is having a legendary reign as TV Champ in ECW. NJPW is seeing a new rise with NAkamaura and Tana and Okada. TNA sees Joe and Styles still killing it. magnus has joined the MAin Events and so did Petey. Taker has match with shawn ending his career.

2015 - Roman wins the Rumble goes on to win the Belt from the Rock who got it back to continue the feud with the help of the bloodline. Roman is a major heel. Cesaro loses the global to Finn Balor as Balor debuts and wins the MITB. Lashley leaves MMA and goes to WWF. WCW sees Orton recapture gold. has feud of the year with Black. Sting returns to WCW and feuds with Goldberg. TNA is red hot. ROH is still hot with Cole and everyone.

2016 - Omega goes to NJPW. EC3 debuts in TNA. Nakamura goes to WCW. ROH sees the Kingdom. Bulletclub is formed in ROH in stead of NJPW. Drew Galloway debuts in ECW. Moxley wins the ECW Title. CM Punk has killer feud. AoP debut in ECW. HHH returns and Wins the Rumble and feuds with Roman. Jericho wins the MITB. Cashes in on roman. Balor is still global Champ. TNA sees EC3 win the TNA Title. Roode feuds with Black in WCW over the World title. James Storm wins the TNA Title later in year.

2017 - This year is showing that the future is here. Randy Orton has regained the WCW World Title. Cesaro wins the Rumble. Picks Balor for the global title and goes over at mania. Jericho is no longer WWF Champ. HHH Returns from Injury to win the MITB and became WWF Champion. He fights the returning Batista at mania for the belt. HHH goes Over. TNA sees James Storm still as TNA World Champion. Omega wins the G1! ROH has seen Danielson win the ROH World Title and Adam Cole goes to the WWF. ECW is seeing Moxley and Punk still feuding for the ECW Title. Darby Allin Debuts in ECW.

2018 - Omega wins the IWGP World Title. He loses the title later in the year and his contract expired and he goes to NWA to feud with NWA World Champion Cody. Cena wins the Rumble to finally have his mania moment as he beats HHH for the WWF Title. Cesaro is still Global Champion even after Adam cole won the MITB and beat him for the belt Cesaro would get it back by Summerslam. Kieth Lee Debuts in the WWF to be the best IC Champ since the 80s. Darby wins the ECW TV Title. Jimmy Havok is ECW Champion. Randy Orton and Sting clash for the WCW Title but Tyler black form the Armor with the debuting Revival.

2019 - Adam Page debuts for the NWA. Nyla Rose goes to WWf. Kieth Lee wins the Rumble and goes on to beat Cena for the WWF Title. Cena wins the MITB and cashes in on Cesaro winning the Global Title. Tyler black is once again WCW Champion. WALTER debuts in NWA and threatens everyone. Joe regains the TNA World Title. OMEGA won the NWA World Title. The Rock returns to WWF.

2020 - the rock wins the Rumble and Reigns is WWF Champion and we get the rematch Rock vs Roman. Roman finally goes over. Edge returns to WWF after injury wins the MITB and cashes in on roman. Cena loses the Global Title to Adam Cole. WALTER wins the NWA World Title. TNA sees the debut of The North. Styles returns from injury and has a feud with Joe. Randy and Blak feud over the WCW Title until Goldberg comes back and takes the WCW Title. Lesnar returns to ECW to reclaim his belt. He took the belt from Moxley at Bloodsport. Barnett feuds with brock for the rest of the year.

2022 - Here we go.

Pro Wrestling Promoter (upcoming wrestling booking sim for PC/MAC)

Potential Multiplayer Wrestling Booking Game

Potential Multiplayer Promotion Game by beegee

Hey all.

I thought this would be the right place to drop this message. But if I am in the wrong place just let me know.

I am doing RnD on a potential multiplayer promotion game and I am looking to get an idea of interest, feedback and potential discussion. A proof of concept has been created and initial work on the match writing engine has been set up but we have decided to take a little step back, assess the landscape and ask the audience if this is something that people want or would have any interest in before we take this to the next level.

So, my main question is this…. Do players play these games because of the mods to play real world scenarios and fantasy booking? Or are there players out the who like to play with original characters?

The idea of our game is that you run your own territory. We have a universe of talent from different parts of the world (fictional) and the idea is to get your territory to be the number 1 promotion in the world. The game would be played online with players biding for the number one slot in their region, country, etc… and the universe would be a living breathing entity with potential co-op (or wars) with other promotions.

It would be great to know what your thoughts are and if any interest is out there for playing games with original characters.

Compactverse v1.65 for Pro Wrestling Sim

Pro Wrestling Sim Download Index by Be the Booker

Compactverse v1.65 by Basic Thuganomics

Compactverse is a modern-day real world mod set in January 2022. There are 17 playable companies in the mod.


-All worker image sizes cut in half to 500x500

-Added Veer Mahan
-Added Paige Van Zant
-Added Kidd Bandit
-Added Masha Slamovich
-Added Bhupinder Gujjar

-Updated Wheeler Yuta’s default worker image

Download Link

Casual Pro Wrestling

Casual Pro Wrestling by Asaemon

Casual Pro Wrestling

Casual Pro Wrestling is a professional wrestling game with an emphasis on fun. It blends intuitive controls inspired by genre classics with ragdoll physics for added fun and drama. It features couch and online multiplayer and offers a plethora of possibilities for customization.

Release data 2022-12-23

Steam Link

Real World Update: June 2022 for TEW2020

TEW2020 Download Index by Be the Booker

 Real World Update: June 2022 by TheWho87 is available for TEW2020

Bastante Bueno Lucha Libre Prototype V1.3

Bastante Bueno Lucha Libre by Be the Booker

Bastante Bueno Lucha Libre Prototype V1.3

Bastante Bueno Lucha Libre is a free wrestling game inspired heavily by AKI's N64 classics.

Download Link

PWS June 2022 Update For Pro Wrestling Sim

Pro Wrestling Sim Download Index by Be the Booker

PWS June 2022 by Herd85

The PWS June 2022 mod for Pro Wrestling Sim have been released!

Wrestling Forever (Free Wrestling Booking Simulator)

Wrestling Forever by Be the Booker

Wrestling Forever

Wrestling Booking Simulator. Take control of a wrestling promotion, put together matches and push talent however you like.

Another video of Steve Masson's upcoming pro wrestling game!

Steve Masson's Pro Wrestling Game by Be the Booker

Another video of Steve Masson's upcoming pro wrestling game!

Compactverse (June 2022) for Pro Wrestling Sim

Pro Wrestling Sim Download Index by Be the Booker

CompactVerse - June 2022 by Gazwefc

Current day scenario for Pro Wrestling Promoter

(Start date 2022-05-30 - post AEW Double or Nothing)

The AAW PNG Cut Out Pack by Gazwefc is now available for Pro Wrestling Sim

Pro Wrestling Sim Download Index by Be the Booker

AAW PNG Cut Out Pack by Gazwefc are now available

The picture pack is compatible with all mods in the AAW series.

The picture pack can be downloaded from the Pro Wrestling Sim Download Index

Wrestling At War - January 1996 Mod for TEW2020

TEW2020 Download Index by ogpistolpete
This is 1996.

Vince McMahon is in prison.

His release date? The year 2000.

Until then, wrestling is at war.

Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels are looking like the hottest stars in town, leading Hollywood Championship Wrestling to a meteoric rise in the wrestling industry.

On their coattails, Bret Hart and the World Star Wrestling crew along with The Undertaker and his new dark beginning in the National Wrestling Alliance.

The dark horse? Shane McMahon and Paul Heyman’s new cutting-edge product of the World Wrestling Federation climbing from ruins.

With four years left until Vince is out of prison and, presumably, regains control of the WWF, can anybody stop the new powerhouse in HCW from taking over the industry?

Wrestling At War is a TEW2020 mod that begins in January, 1996. The world of wrestling is very different from what it became. Hulk Hogan remained with the AWA through its formation of World Star Wrestling. Instead of “Hulkamania”, this world experienced “Macho Madness” that swept the nation. Vince McMahon built the WWF on the shoulders of his superstar, Randy Savage, while Jim Crockett and the rest of the southern NWA stronghold responded by centralizing earlier on in the 1980’s.To the north, Verne Gagne’s AWA and Stu Hart’s Calgary territory joined forces to plant their stamp in Chicago, IL and the surrounding Great Lakes region as the predominant wrestling promotion known as World Star Wrestling. And the remaining combatants of the old Memphis and Mid-South found refuge, and potential coup, with the United States Wrestling Association. The industry changed forever in 1993, when Vince McMahon was convicted in his steroid trail of 1993, and would face an objectively horrible sentence. To serve time for the next seven-years, the WWF would crumble in the wake of fallout. Not only that, but 23-year old Shane McMahon was now in charge, and soon found controversy when he screwed frontman Shawn Michaels out of the WWF Championship while Michaels was on his way out from the WWF to join the upstart HCW in what has become known as “The Baltimore Screwjob”. In 1994, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Sean Waltman formed the foundation of Hollywood Championship Wrestling, the new primetime promotion owned by FOX, live on FOX, every Monday Night. McMahon and the WWF have found shelter with MTV, and have perhaps found a savior in a man named Paul Heyman and his new “attitude era”.

Author’s Note: I am very excited to release this new version of my Wrestling at War mod! This mod was originally released in 2013 on EWR and has since evolved into this latest release in 2022! Hard to believe this alternate reality is almost ten years old but I am so glad it has lasted this long and continues to receive attention from time to time. This release is without a doubt the most full-fledged version with enough to sink your teeth into for long saves. There is still room to grow as well, and I may continue releasing minor adjustments of this data as I continue to improve and tweak.

Wrestling At War, Beta Version 1.3
Data Download
Picture Pack Download

What's New?

    [*] 8+ new future companies with mandatory owners!
    [*] 839 new workers, a 56% increase from the previous release!
    [*] 165 new broadcasters, as well as a complete revamp of all existing broadcasters, with scaled adjustments to broadcaster reach and popularity.
    [*] 1241 new TV shows to balance viewership and competitive on-air!
    [*] 15 new eras of the professional wrestling industry, including two major industry peaks between 1994 and 2022.
    [*] 2,408 new free pictures for generated workers!
    [*] Addition of maturity, decline, retirement and relevancy for all of the world's big names!
    [*] Adjusted default matches to avoid the AI repeatedly booking stripping matches for world titles!
    [*] Additional world narratives, including major economic booms and busts!
    [*] Game world adjustments to help better balance the simulated world.
    [*] Removal of many worker / company loyalties to allow for more talent movement between companies.
    [*] Starting money adjustments for all major companies (avoid early financial ballooning.)
    [*] New custom title belts from Mammoth!
    [*] Hours of simulation testing to ensure great results!
    [*]Special thanks to nGo and associated individuals for work on the nGo picture pack, used as base for all worker pictures.
    [*]Very special thanks to Mammoth for his custom belts for majority of promotions in the game. His incredible work has added another layer of depth I couldn’t have imagined.
    [*]Thanks to iDOL for his stable logos, I was glad to incorporate a bunch of stable logos into this alternate wrestling world.
    [*]Thank you so much to Sabin for his free picture pack!
    [*] Big thanks to Taker4455 for his awesome Celebrity Expansion pack!

Championship Wrestling Promoter

Championship Wrestling Promoter [Wrestling Booking Game] by Be the Booker

Championship Wrestling Promoter

Book shows, build feuds, manage your finances, win the TV ratings war in Championship Wrestling Promoter, a wrestling management strategy game.

Closed beta coming to Steam this summer. CWP can be modded with a JSON Editor.

Disclaimer has no affiliation with any pro wrestling brands or organizations. We are a free, non commerical community with no affiliation to any of the games showcased on the website. The names of all televised and live programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans and wrestling moves and all wrestling and other sport related logos used on this forum are trademarks, which are the exclusive property of those companies respectively. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. is an wrestling games community with all the mods and graphics you need for your favorite wrestling booking sims. Site created and moderated by Asaemon. is the largest website for Pro Wrestling Promoter, Pro Wrestling Sim, TEW2016 and TEW2020 with News, Mods, Images, Guides, and Dynasties.

What is about? is a wrestling games community and fantasy booking forum.

Where you can take charge of any wrestling promotion, in any era with whatever result you like. You fantasy book and then write up the results.

Forum Statistics

Total Threads: 1,052
Total Posts: 16,123
Total Members: 2,746
Newest Member: bwfccrazy
Most Users Online: 640 (Mar 13, 2022 2:07:22 GMT 1)

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