Hall of Legends (long-running dynasties)

AJPW '93 - King's Road Global by Moore

AJPW '93 - King's Road Global by Moore

January 1992

The wrestling world is changing. In the United States, WWF has some competition once again, in the form of WCW, in Mexico, new lucha libre promotions are emerging and in Japan, both AJPW and NJPW are embarking in a new era, with fresh younger aces rising. The first steps toward the globalization of pro-wrestling are being given, as WWF and WCW are seeing some success in Europe, and cooperations between promotions are not just a "same-country" thing. In fact, the NWA is pretty much dead - sadly.

In 1990, the Wrestling Summit event, between AJPW, NJPW and WWF drew 50.000+ fans to the Tokyo Dome, but the ones to capitalize on WWF's Japanese bet was WCW, who continued showcasing New Japan talent on their cards, and vice-versa. But... in 1992, it is an error to focus your view over puroresu solely on NJPW. All Japan Pro-Wrestling will thrive. Hopefully.

Yes, I know: the intro could've been better.

All Japan Pro-Wrestling
Current Roster (1993)

Heavyweight Division

Akira Taue | Al Perez | Billy Black | Cactus Jack | Chris Youngblood | Dan Kroffat | Dory Funk Jr. | Doug Furnas

Eddie Gilbert | Giant Kimala | Giant Warrior | Haku | Haruka Eigen | Isamu Teranishi | Jackie Fulton | Joel Deaton

Johnny Smith | Jumbo Tsuruta | Kenta Kobashi | Mark Youngblood | Mighty Inoue | Mitsuharu Misawa | Mitsuo Momota | Rusher Kimura

Stan Hansen | Steve Williams | Terry Funk | Terry Gordy | The Gladiator | Tommy Rogers | Toshiaki Kawada

Junior Heavyweight Division

Dean Malenko | Fire Cat | Gran Hamada | Kazuo Yamazaki | Masanobu Fuchi | Naoki Sano

Octagon | Richard Slinger | The Great Sasuke | Tsuyoshi Kikuchi | Ultimo Dragon | Yoshinari Ogawa


Jun Akiyama (HW) | Jun Izumida (HW) | Masayoshi Motegi (HW) | Minoru Tanaka (JH) | Satoru Asako (JH) | Satoshi Kojima (HW)

Occasional Wrestlers

Giant Baba

Tag Teams

Al Perez and Giant Warrior
The Can-Am Express (Dan Kroffat and Doug Furnas)
The Fantastic Bruisers (Johnny Smith and Tommy Rogers)
The Funks (Dory Funk Jr. and Terry Funk)
The Youngbloods (Chris Youngblood and Mark Youngblood)
Wild Bunch (Billy Black and Joel Deaton)


Super Generation Army (Mitsuharu Misawa, Kenta Kobashi, Toshiaki Kawada, Tsuyoshi Kikuchi)
The Outlaw Stable (Stan Hansen, Dory Funk Jr., Terry Funk, Eddie Gilbert, Billy Black, Joel Deaton)
Tsuruta-gun (Jumbo Tsuruta, Akira Taue, Masanobu Fuchi, Satoru Asako, Yoshinari Ogawa)

Hall of Champions

AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship (10th champion)

Mitsuharu Misawa (since Jul. 14th 1992 - def. Stan Hansen - Defenses: 4)
Former champions in the diary:
- #9: Stan Hansen [3] (Jan. 20th 1992 - Jul. 14th 1992)
- #8: Jumbo Tsuruta [3] (Jan. 19th 1991 - Jan. 20th 1992)

AJPW National Openweight Championship (4th champion)
Cactus Jack (since Mar. 21st 1993 - def. Toshiaki Kawada - Defenses: 1
Former champions in the diary:
- #3: Toshiaki Kawada (Jan. 27th 1993 - Mar. 21st 1993)
- #2: The Gladiator (Dec. 21st 1992 - Jan. 27th 1993)
- #1: Kenta Kobashi (Aug. 21st 1992 - Dec. 21st 1992)

AJPW World Tag Team Championship (4th champions)
Dan Kroffat and Doug Furnas [Can-Am Express] (since Dec. 3rd 1992 - def. Tsuruta-gun - Defenses: 3)
Former champions in the diary:
- #3: Akira Taue and Jumbo Tsuruta [Tsuruta-gun] (Oct. 21st 1992 - Dec. 3rd 1992 - Defenses: 0)
- #2: Dan Kroffat and Doug Furnas [Can-Am Express] (Aug. 20th 1992 - Oct. 21st 1992 - Defenses: 0)
- #1: Steve Williams and Terry Gordy [Miracle Violence Connection] (Jan. 20th 1992 - Aug. 20th 1992)

AJPW World Jr. Heavyweight Championship (12th champion)
Ultimo Dragon (since Oct. 21st 1992 - def. Naoki Sano - Defenses: 4)
Former champions in the diary:
- #11: Naoki Sano (Apr. 13th 1992 - Oct. 21st 1992)
- #10: Masanobu Fuchi [3] (Oct. 20th 1989 - Apr. 13th 1992)

Retired championships:

AWWA Global Open Championship
Former champions in the diary:
- #3: Terry Gordy [AJPW] (Mar. 25th 1992 - Oct. 21st 1992)
- #2: Bret Hart [WWF] (Feb. 28th 1992 - Mar. 25th 1992)
- #1: Akira Taue [AJPW] (Jan. 20th 1992 - Feb. 28th 1992)

Latest Tournament Winners

Inter-Nations Tournament (for the AJPW National Openweight Championship
Toshiaki Kawada [Japan] (Mar. 7th 1993 - def. Dean Malenko [USA]) - successfully defended championship
Former winners in the diary:
- 1992: Kenta Kobashi [Japan] (Aug. 21st 1992 - def. Stan Hansen [USA]) - became 1st-ever champion

Champion Carnival

Toshiaki Kawada (Apr. 21st 1992 - def. Steve Williams)
Former winners in the diary:
Stan Hansen (Apr. 13th 1992 - def. Jumbo Tsuruta)

Real World Tag League
Akira Taue and Jumbo Tsuruta [Tsuruta-gun] (Sep. 28th 1992 - def. Miracle Violence Connection)

Junior Crown League
Ultimo Dragon (Sep. 28th 1992 - def. Kazuo Yamazaki)

Royal Road Tournament
Jumbo Tsuruta(Nov. 28th 1992 - def. Toshiaki Kawada)

1993 Event and Tournament Schedule

- AJPW Power Clash: January 27th 1993;
- AJPW Inter-Nations Tournament: March 5th 1993 (TV) to March 7th 1993 (Event);
- AJPW Battle Ready: March 7th 1993;
- AJPW Champion Carnival League: March 20th 1993 to April 21st 1993;
- AJPW Champion Carnival Finale: April 21st 1993
- AJPW Conflict Rising: May 21st 1993;
- AJPW Summer Stardom: June 28th 1993;
- AJPW Starting Point: August 7th 1993;
- AJPW Junior Crown League: August 23rd 1993 to September 14th 1993;
- AJPW Real World Tag League: August 23rd 1993 to September 14th 1993;
- AJPW Double League Finale: September 14th 1993;
- AJPW 21st Anniversary Special: October 14th 1993;
- AJPW Royal Road Tournament: November 5th 1993 to November 21st 1993;
- AJPW Royal Road Finale: November 21st 1993;
- AJPW 1993 Season Closure: December 28th 1993.

Show Index


- AJPW Puro Series A1 - A5 (Jan. 3rd to Jan. 17th 1992)
- AJPW New Year's Clash 1992 (Jan. 20th 1992)
- AJPW Puro Series B1 + Global Open Special #1 + Team Spirit Special #1 (Jan. 24th to Feb. 7th 1992)
- AJPW Puro Series B2 + Global Open Special #2 + Triple Crown Special #1 (Feb. 10th 1992 to Feb. 21st 1992)
- AJPW Puro Series B3 + Global Open Special #3 + Jr. Glory Special #1 (Feb. 24th 1992 to Mar. 7th 1992)
- AJPW Champion Carnival Day 1 - A Block (Mar. 12th 1992)
- AJPW Champion Carnival Day 2 - B Block (Mar. 13th 1992)
- AJPW Champion Carnival Day 3 - A Block (Mar. 17th 1992)
- AJPW Champion Carnival Day 4 - B Block (Mar. 18th 1992)
- AJPW Champion Carnival Day 5 - A Block (Mar. 19th 1992)
- AJPW Champion Carnival Day 6 - B Block (Mar. 20th 1992)
- AJPW Champion Carnival Day 7 - A Block (Mar. 24th 1992)
- AJPW Champion Carnival Day 8 - B Block (Mar. 25th 1992)
- AJPW Champion Carnival Day 9 - A Block (Mar. 26th 1992)
- AJPW Champion Carnival Day 10 - B Block (Mar. 27th 1992)
- AJPW Champion Carnival Day 11 - A Block (Apr. 3rd 1992)
- AJPW Champion Carnival Day 12 - B Block (Apr. 4th 1992)
- AJPW Champion Carnival Day 13 - A Block (Apr. 5th 1992)
- AJPW Champion Carnival Day 14 - B Block (Apr. 6th 1992)
- AJPW Champion Carnival 1992 Finale (Apr. 13th 1992)
- AJPW Puro Series C1 + Global Open Special #4 + Team Spirit Special #2 (Apr. 24th to May 7th 1992)
- AJPW Puro Series C2 + Global Open Special #5 + Triple Crown Special #2 (May 10th 1992 to May 21st 1992)
- AJPW Puro Series C3 + Global Open Special #6 + Jr. Glory Special #2 (May 24th 1992 to Jun. 7th 1992)
- AJPW Puro Series C4 + Global Open Special #7 + Global Open Special #8 (Jun. 10th 1992 to Jun. 21st 1992)
- AJPW Stardom Series Day 1 + 2 + 3 (Jun. 24th 1992 to Jul. 3rd 1992)
- AJPW Stardom Series: Last Chapter (Jul. 6th 1992)
- AJPW Summer Stardom (Jul. 14th 1992) - Part 1
- AJPW Summer Stardom (Jun. 14th 1992) - Part 2
- AJPW Starting Series Day 1 + 2 (Jul. 24th + Jul. 27th 1992)
- AJPW Starting Series Day 3 + 4 (Aug. 4th + Aug. 6th 1992)
- AJPW Starting Series Day 5 + 6 (Aug. 11th + Aug. 13th 1992)
- AJPW Starting Point: Day 1 (Aug. 20th 1992)
- AJPW Starting Point: Day 2 (Aug. 21th 1992)
- AJPW Double Prelude Series Day 1 + 2 (Aug. 24th 1992 + Aug. 27th 1992)
- AJPW Junior Crown League Day 1 + Real World Tag League Day 1 (Sep. 6th 1992 + Sep. 7th 1992)
- AJPW Junior Crown League Day 2 + Real World Tag League Day 2 (Sep. 10th + Sep. 11th 1992)
- AJPW Junior Crown League Day 3 + Real World Tag League Day 3 (Sep. 13th + Sep. 14th 1992)
- AJPW Junior Crown League Day 4 + Real World Tag League Day 4 (Sep. 16th + Sep. 17th 1992)
- AJPW Junior Crown League Day 5 + Real World Tag League Day 5 (Sep. 20th + Sep. 21st 1992)
- AJPW Double League Finale (Sep. 28th 1992)
- AJPW Road to the 20th Series Day 1 + 2 (Oct. 3rd + Oct. 6th 1992)
- AJPW Road to the 20th Series Day 3 + 4 (Oct. 10th + Oct. 13th 1992)
- AJPW 20th Anniversary Special (Oct. 21st 1992)
- AJPW Fall Battle Series Day 1 + 2 (Oct. 24th + Oct. 27th 1992)
- AJPW Fall Battle Series Day 3 (Nov. 3rd 1992)
- AJPW Royal Road Day 1 + 2 (Nov. 10th + Nov. 11th 1992)
- AJPW Royal Road Day 3 + 4 (Nov. 13th + Nov. 14th 1992)
- AJPW Royal Road Day 5 (Nov. 20th 1992)
- AJPW Royal Road Finale (Nov. 28th 1992)
- AJPW Closing Stage Series Day 1 + 2 (Dec. 3rd + Dec. 6th 1992)
- AJPW Closing Stage Series Day 3 + 4 (Dec. 10th + Dec. 13th 1992)
- AJPW 1992 Season Closure (Dec. 21st 1992)


- [TV] AJPW Puro Spirit TV #1 - January 5th 1993
- [TV] AJPW Puro Spirit TV #2 - January 12th 1993
- [TV] AJPW Puro Spirit TV #3 - January 19th 1993
- [TV] AJPW Puro Spirit TV #4 - January 26th 1993
- [Event] AJPW Power Clash - January 27th 1993
- [TV] AJPW Puro Spirit TV #5 - February 5th 1993
- [TV] AJPW Puro Spirit TV #6 - February 12th 1993
- [TV] AJPW Puro Spirit TV #7 - February 19th 1993
- [TV] AJPW Puro Spirit TV #8 - February 26th 1993
- [TV] AJPW Puro Spirit TV #9 - March 5th 1993
- [Event] AJPW Battle Ready - March 7th 1993
- [TV] AJPW Puro Spirit TV #10 - March 12th 1993
- [TV] AJPW Puro Spirit TV #11 - March 19th 1993
- [Event] AJPW 1993 Champion Carnival Day 1 - March 20th 1993
- [Event] AJPW 1993 Champion Carnival Day 2 - March 21st 1993
- [Event] AJPW 1993 Champion Carnival Day 3 - March 23rd 1993
- [Event] AJPW 1993 Champion Carnival Day 4 - March 24th 1993
- [Event] AJPW 1993 Champion Carnival Day 5 - March 27th 1993
- [Event] AJPW 1993 Champion Carnival Day 6 - March 28th 1993
- [Event] AJPW 1993 Champion Carnival Day 7 - April 2nd 1993
- [Event] AJPW 1993 Champion Carnival Day 8 - April 3rd 1993
- [Event] AJPW 1993 Champion Carnival Day 9 - April 6th 1993
- [Event] AJPW 1993 Champion Carnival Day 10 - April 7th 1993
- [Event] AJPW 1993 Champion Carnival Day 11 - April 9th 1993
- [Event] AJPW 1993 Champion Carnival Day 12 - April 10th 1993
- [Event] AJPW 1993 Champion Carnival Day 13 - April 12th 1993
- [Event] AJPW 1993 Champion Carnival Day 14 - April 13th 1993
- [Event] AJPW 1993 Champion Carnival Finale - April 21st 1993

WCW: Reboot Funded by Dirty Money by Dimos

WCW: Reboot Funded by Dirty Money by Dimos

It's a diary that I started a year ago on another platform.

Here are a couple of facts:

1. The diary already has a large archive of written shows, but they are in another language. This means that it will not be short-lived, as I only need to translate it into English. So if you like it, you can safely commit to reading it.

2. I started this diary with the hook of "Russian oligarch" so that it would not become just_another_WCW2001_diary. Like an year ago. Not it's more cringeworthy than fun lol. This hook has not aged well. I'm not sure if I'll continue with this theme in the future, but for now, I'm uploading what has already been written.

3. English is not my first (or even second or third) language, but I'll do my best to write in a way that is not painful to read.

4. The first four shows were written worse than the others, but it will get better.

5. I had fun playing and writing it... 

... so I hope you'll have fun reading it.

Memo #000: Is Russian "dirty" money the only way to save WCW?

Ain't it ironic?

After all the negotiations between WCW, AOL, Bischoff, Vince, and whoever else you can think of, I have placed the newly signed rights to all WCW licenses and everything they owned right next to my cup of Russian tea.

(I'll tell you the difference between Russian tea and all other kinds some time later.)

I can already hear the shrieks of wrestling marks:

"How can WCW end up in the hands of a Russian oligarch? What does he know about wrestling? Is he from the Russian mafia? Is it just for money laundering? That's inappropriate!"

Maybe it is. I don't really know.

What I do know is this:

1. I've been a wrestling fan since 1998, and WCW was a promotion I deeply dug into.

2. While AOL, Fusion, and Vince were all trying to get a better deal for themselves and throwing all kinds of shenanigans at each other, I had cold, hard cash from my "oil business," so I could buy WCW right away. And I did just that.

3. I can write my ideas, my opinions, and my...well...diary here to gain the trust of wrestling fans all over the world. I'm not doing it for praise and kudos, but to learn English writing in a practical way.

Will it be readable? I don't know. 

(My bet is 'no.' This is my first try at writing in English after all...and I've hated English lessons since school where the teacher told us about 'American capitalists that want to destroy our happy country' in 1976...)

Will it be interesting? 

I don't know either. 

But I've already "played" with WCW for almost two years now and written about my journey in a journal. I have that journal in my vault right next to my Gazprom stocks. It's all in Russian. Why not translate it? Why not write my memoirs about what Russian money could do for World Championship Wrestling? And why not practice English writing (for the first time in my life!) during that?

Now it's time to drink more tea...


WCW Monday Nitro
Episode #1

There is a video is about the history, traditions, and legacy of WCW, including the final match between Ric Flair and Sting at the last Nitro. (46)

"The Professor" Mike Tenay, Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko welcomed us on a first Nitro after reboot.

The first episode of the new era was opened by Eric Bischoff, who welcomed everyone to the new WCW and apologized for the "mistakes of the past". He explained that it was a new era and everyone had a choice to make - stay and help make WCW great again or go home, go to Vince, or go anywhere else. But in the new WCW, everyone had to earn their place. (65)

Match 1, WCW Cruiserweight Title: Shane Helms vs Shannon Moore. Helms defending the title against his partner Moore. Although it wasn't the best cruiserweight match ever, it was good enough to start. At the end Helms caught Moore with the Vertabreaker and retained his championship. (13:23, 46)

Lex Luger is here to cut a promo, acknowledging that there wouldn't be a WCW without guys like Sting, Flair, Hogan...and Luger. But now everyone blames them for what happened to the company. Eric Bischoff is here to respond. “Are you serious? Right now you pal Buff Bagwell had started a fight backstage. And he had been fired right on the spot. You have a choice pal - either stay and fight for your place here or go home”. Luger was about to respond when he was brutally attacked by Mark Jindrak! (54)

Match 2: Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo vs Jung Dragons (Kaz Hayashi and Yang) vs Jamie Noble and Kid Kash vs Air Reid (AJ Styles and Air Paris). It was a showdown of the best young cruiserweights here. Air Reid won after Styles gave Kash the Styles Clash. (10:33, 34)

WCW World Heavyweight and US champion Booker T is here! He is glad to have WCW alive, but doesn’t trust Bischoff a bit. He is ready to give him a benefit of the doubt though. Eric Bischoff responded. He is offering a handshake and a new WCW contract, which Booker signed on his title belt. However, Booker had to choose which belt to defend, and he chose to keep the World title. The US title was vacated, and a new champion would be determined in an 8-man tournament, with the final at the Great American Bash. Booker would defend his title later that day. (80)

Match 3, WCW Tag Team Championship and WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship: Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire vs Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio. It is bout for WCW tag team titles unification. Chuck and Sean used their size to dominate. At some point they threw out Rey and… he just went backstage! O'Haire and Palumbo easily won over Kidman to become the undisputed tag champions. (12:42, 63)

Backstage Kidman tried to find Rey, but he was nowhere to be found. (44)

Jeff Jarrett cut a promo, expressing his desire to be the face of new WCW. Eric Bischoff is here to announce that Jarrett would get his chance - to become the World champion… tonight! (61)

Chavo Guerrero in pre-match promo announced that he was sick of playing stupid gimmicks and that he is a great wrestler and he is a Guerrero. He would participate in the US title tournament. (39)

Match 4, US Title Tournament First Round: Konnan vs Chavo Guerrero. Chavo defeated his opponent with a Frog Splash. (6:44, 60)

Diamond Dallas Page cut a promo expressing his loyalty to WCW and his desire for a title shot, but he was attacked by Mike Awesome, who gave him an Awesome Bomb through a table. (58)

Match 5, US Title Tournament First Round: Lance Storm vs Alex Wright. Storm advanced into semifinals with the Mapleleaf submission. (7:44, 54)

Match 6, WCW World Heavyweight Title: Booker T vs Jeff Jarrett. They fought to decide who would be the World champion in the new WCW, but there was no winner, as they were both attacked by Scott Steiner with a steel pipe. The first Nitro of the new era ended with Steiner at the center of the ring with the pipe in one hand and title belt in other. (12:55, 69)

Overall: 58

WCW Monday Nitro
Episode #2

Video replay shows Scott Steiner's actions from last week (70)

The show starts with Scott Steiner's promo where he claims to have dominated in 2001 and doesn't want to sit on the bench. He wants his title back. Jeff Jarrett responds, saying that he understands all of it, but Steiner attacked him, and he didn't like it. Jarrett wants to be friends again and dominate together in the new WCW. Steiner agrees, but suddenly Booker T appears with a chair. Steiner runs away, leaving Jeff Jarrett alone to take a chair shot. After a minute, Steiner returns to help Jarrett get up, but instead, he viciously attacks him and destroys with a pipe shot. (77)

After a commercial break, Eric Bischoff talks to Steiner, expressing his dissatisfaction. Bischoff promises that will not be on a bench tonight and be in action. (69)

Match 1, WCW Cruiserweight Title: Shane Helms vs Evan Karagias. Last week Helms won over Moore and tonight he defended his title against another former 3 Count member. Helms made a pinfall after executing a Vertabreaker (11:43, 42)

There's a mysterious video about a wrestler's debut where a lot of black water falls from the sky. We don't know his identity yet. (60)

Mike Awesome cuts a promo backstage, declaring that he's done with stupid gimmicks like being the 70s guy or the Fat Chick Killa. He's a Career Killer and always has been. Last week DDP was merely an example. More to come. (67)

Match 2: Air Reid (AJ Styles and Air Paris) vs Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo. Skipper uses brass knuckles on Air Paris and gets a win for his team. (9:33, 32)

Match 3, US Title Tournament First Round: Billy Kidman vs Kaz Hayashi. Both wrestlers are trying to advance to the semifinals, knowing they need to take any chances to shine in new WCW. Kidman, more experienced in singles performance, is favored to win, but Rey Mysterio in a luchador mask comes to the aisle. Kidman tries to talk to him, but Rey attacks him! Hayashi wins with a Hayashi Cutter. (10:11, 46)

Match 4: Mark Jindrak vs Alex Wright. Mark Jindrak dominated again, defeating Alex Wright in under four minutes. (3:32, 38)

Chavo Guerrero does a pre-match promo, complaining again about not being respected in WCW and living in the shadow of his famous uncle. He declares that it's all in the past now, and he will be the main Guerrero from now on (48).

Match 5: Chavo Guerrero vs Hugh Morrus. Chavo used every tactic from Guerrero's playbook to win, including a chair shot and a Frog Splash (7:44, 58).

Disco Inferno cuts an in-ring promo, claiming that his Disco gimmick was stupid and that he's a serious performer. He reveals that his real name is Glen Gilberti and that he wants to prove himself by winning the US title. His opponent is then revealed to be none other than ROB... VAN... DAM! (50).

In Match 6, US Title Tournament First Round: Rob Van Dam vs Glen Gilberti. RVD is making his debut and scoring a win after executing a Five Star Frog Splash. (8:24, 52)

Ric Flair comes to the ring for a promo. He has a tear in his eye and talks about not trusting Eric, but he can't deny that WCW is his home. He admits that he may not be the "Nature Boy" he once was, but if he can be useful to the company and fans, he'll be here. Eric Bischoff comes to the ring, apologizing for past mistakes, and expresses his willingness to work together with Ric for WCW's sake. Bischoff and Flair shake hands in the middle of the ring making it kinda historic moment, but suddenly, Chris Kanyon appears and attacks Flair with a vicious chair shot from behind! (71)

Match 7: Scott Steiner vs Bam Bam Bigelow. Scott Steiner was punished with a match against legendary extremist Bam Bam Bigelow. It proved to be a tough match for him until the referee took a bump. Steiner resorted to using a steel pipe to secure the win (4:55, 62). After the match, Steiner continued his assault until Booker T made a save. Eric Bischoff came out again. He fed up with Steiner's behavior. Earlier tonight he promised him a hard match. And boy did he deliver! Bischoff set up a tag team match between Steiner and Jarrett against Booker T and Bigelow, and it was set to start right away (66).

Match 8: Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett vs Booker T and Bam Bam Bigelow. Despite Bigelow having been hurt in a previous match, Booker T and Bam Bam Bigelow managed to defeat Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett. It happened when Booker T got a hot tag, causing Steiner to leave the ringside and leaving Jarrett alone. JJ was hit with an Axe Kick and lost. (12:11, 63) After the ring bell, Booker T, with his title belt in hand, stared down Scott Steiner on the ramp (68).

Overall: 66

Memo #001: Is There Only One Way to...?

True Story:

During my time in prison, I met a guy with prostate cancer. When looking at his options, he went to several different specialists. Each told him their way of treatment was the best and only way worth doing.

The surgeon said the ONLY solution was to remove his prostate.

Another doctor said drugs would be the best.

And the naturopath said he should use only natural approaches.

That's what I was thinking about while dealing with all the backstage problems in my 3rd week as WCW owner. RVD was influenced by drugs and couldn't make it to the next Nitro. Same as Mike Awesome. Konnan was getting fines for "backstage heat" every time he came to the show. Scott Steiner taunted low-card guys and made the locker room hate DDP, although Page wasn't an angel himself.

There wasn't a one single show without incidents, so I was wondering...

What was "THE way" to deal with it?

Talk to them?

Yell at them?

Fine them?

Fire them?

Make a trip to Chernobyl with them?

For now, I decided to go along with the situation. Whatever happens is okay.

But there will be a day when I must deal with it...

WCW Monday Nitro
Episode #3

Video about what happened last week. Mike Tenay, Larry Zbysco, and Tony Schiavone welcome us again. (68)

Announcement: Diamond Dallas Page will be here tonight for the first time since his brutal attack from Mike Awesome two weeks ago. (67)

Jeff Jarrett opened the show and blamed Scott Steiner for lying to him. Steiner had betrayed him last week. Eric Bischoff responded and wanted to solve it "WCW-style": Jarrett against Steiner tonight! Jeff wasn't too happy... Booker T came to save him and wanted Steiner for himself. Jarrett was ready to step aside. Bischoff agreed: Booker T will fight Steiner tonight in non-title action and Jarrett will be a special enforcer then. (76)

Match 1: Shannon Moore vs Evan Karagias. Shane Helms joined announcers to observe the match. The announcers mentioned that Helms would defend the WCW Cruiserweight title in a triple threat against Karagias and Moore at the Great American Bash. As for match, Moore catched Karagias on Bottoms Up and won. (10:11, 39)

Video about the debut of a mystery wrestler again... Now we know his name: Black Reign. (59)

Match 2: Mark Jindrak vs Konnan. Jindrak dominated again. He won over Konnan after a Superkick. (6:15, 43)

Last week: Rey Mysterio was back in his masked style and attacked Billy Kidman. (32)

Match 3: Billy Kidman vs Chavo Guerrero. Rey Mysterio interfered once again, distracting Kidman. Chavo used it and performed Frog Splash to win. (11:16, 51)

Gene Okerlund found Rey Mysterio backstage. Mysterio cut a promo about not being respected at WCW. The mask was synonymous with "great wrestler" for him, and all lucha libre was behind Rey. Rey will prove that lucha libre can dominate in WCW. (35)

Diamond Dallas Page, wearing a neck brace, did an in-ring promo. He isn't scared of Mike Awesome and did nothing wrong. But if Awesome has problems with him, they could solve it in the ring. Mike Awesome entered the ring and wanted to solve it "ECW-style": no talking, no tears, no drama, only in-ring action. DDP wasn't ready for a match tonight, but he would be ready at the Great American Bash. Awesome left... but only to return and deliver another Awesome Bomb to the injured DDP. (68)

Scott Steiner had a backstage interview: he needs no alliance or allies. He wants the World title and will get it by himself alone. (54)

Match 4, US Title Tournament Semifinals: Lance Storm vs Kaz Hayashi. Hayashi was good, but Storm took a win, catching him in Mapleleaf. (8:31, 43)

Last week: Chris Kanyon is back and attacked Ric Flair (64).

Chris Kanyon is here to explain his actions from last week. He was sick of hearing "drama queen Flair" talking about him helping WCW... Flair was the reason for WCW's bankruptcy. If it wasn't for Flair, there wouldn't be some shady Russian guys backstage. And now Flair wants to help? Kanyon and the new WCW need no help from Flair and other old millionaires. So his attack was to make that statement. Flair can go home the same way as other "big WCW stars." Ric Flair appeared to answer and taunted Kanyon. Maybe Kanyon was just envious of Flair's career? Because Kanyon couldn't make 1/100 of what Ric made. Flair grabbed a chair and went to the ring, but Kanyon ran away. (62)

Match 5, Non-Title Match: Booker T vs Scott Steiner. It was WCW-style: there were referee bumps, interference from the special enforcer Jeff Jarrett, and the use of a steel pipe. Jarrett distracted Booker T while Steiner used the steel pipe to choke him out in the Steiner Recliner, ultimately winning the match. (16:32, 75) Right after the match, Jeff Jarrett smashed a guitar over Steiner's head. (68)

Overall: 72

WCW Monday Nitro
Episode #4

Last week: Jeff Jarrett attacking Booker T first and Scott Steiner next. (56)

Furious Scott Steiner is seen looking for Jeff Jarrett backstage. (53)

Match 1, #1 Contendership for WCW World Tag Team Titles: Air Reid (AJ Styles and Air Paris) vs Jung Dragons (Kaz Hayashi and Yang) vs Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo. Styles and Paris won once again. This time it made them number one contenders for title match at the Great American Bash. (6:45, 30) After the match, Elix Skipper was not happy with Kid Romeo's performance. Champions Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire attacked celebrating Styles and Paris. (30)

Another video vignette is shown about Black Reign's debut. (59)

Match 2: Shane Helms and Jamie Noble vs Shannon Moore and Evan Karagias. Miscommunication between Evan and Shannon was the reason for their loss after a Vertabreaker on Karagias. (9:41, 40)

Jeff Jarrett came to the building but was immidiately attacked by Scott Steiner. Jeff Jarrett jumped into the car, and Steiner broke the window with his pipe. Jarrett ran away. (52)

During a backstage interview, Mike Awesome says, "There are no real 'extreme' guys in WCW. I was the champion in most tough organizations in the world - ECW and FMW. I want to do the same in WCW. Right after I will destroy DDP's career at the Great American Bash." (56)

Match 3: Mike Awesome vs Hugh Morrus. Mike defeated Morrus after an Awesome Bomb. (5:41, 46) After the match, DDP attacked Awesome and did the Diamond Cutter. Page broke his neck brace and yelled, "I will wait for you at PPV!" 

Backstage, Eric Bischoff speaks over the phone to Jeff Jarrett, calming him down and promising to take care of Steiner's rage. (52)

Rob Van Dam gave his first interview since his WCW debut. He is here for the titles and wants to become the United States Champion at the Great American Bash. (36)

Eric Bischoff is trying to calm down Scott Steiner and promises him Jarrett in a tag match tonight. Booker T and Steiner will face Jarrett and his partner. (71)

Match 4, US Title Tournament Semifinals: Rob Van Dam vs Chavo Guerrero. RVD was much over with crown, but Chavo used brass knuckles and made a pinfall to win. However, the referee reversed his decision after seeing the foreign object in the ring. The decision was overruled, and RVD won by DQ. (13:11, 50) After the match, Lance Storm attacked RVD with a Superkick. 

Billy Kidman told Gene Okerlund he has no idea what got inside the head of Rey Mysterio... But they will have a match at Great American Bash. (29)

Ric Flair's backstage promo: He is ready to come to the ring and do the same thing he has been doing for 30 years - win tonight and win over Kanyon at the PPV. (58)

Match 5: Ric Flair vs Rey Mysterio. Flair and Mysterio have different styles, which made their match interesting. Mysterio had his moments, but Flair was far more experienced. Flair put Rey into the Figure-Four Leglock, and Rey tapped out. (15:23, 46) After the match, Chris Kanyon did the Flatliner to a tired Flair. Kanyon proposed to Rey to join him in beating down the legend... and Rey accepted! Billy Kidman made a save. (52)

Booker T backstage interview: He is ready to fight back to back with Steiner tonight, but at the Great American Bash, there will be no such thing. (42)

Match 6: Scott Steiner and Booker T vs Jeff Jarrett and Mark Jindrak. Jindrak was a surprising partner for Jarrett. The match was full of arguments between Booker and Steiner, but in the end, Booker T kicked Jarrett with the Harlem Sidekick - and Jarrett fell right into Steiner Recliner. (13:11, 46) Right after the match, Scott Steiner tried to attack Booker T, but the champion was ready and kicked Scott out of the ring. (58)

Overall: 46

Great American Bash 2001
Final Card

WCW Cruiserweight Title
Shane Helms vs Shannon Moore vs Evan Karagias

WCW World Tag Team Titles
Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire vs Air Raid (AJ Styles & Air Paris)

Rey Misterio vs Billy Kidman

Extreme Rules Match
Diamond Dallas Page vs "Extreme Career Killer" Mike Awesome

WCW United States Heavyweight Title
Lance Storm vs Rob Van Dam

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair vs Chris Kanyon

WCW World Heavyweight Title
Booker T vs Scott Steiner vs Jeff Jarrett

Memo #002: Should I Brace Myself for More Messages Like This?

I received an amusing MSN message this week after publishing the first part of my "bought-WCW-and-hope-I-can-save-it" diary.


"Dude, I have no idea who you are or what you do in Russia... but your writing sucks. It's not readable. Do not post your letters anymore. I am not interested. DO NOT SEND ANYTHING ELSE IN ENGLISH. EVER!!!!"



The lad sounds like he was pissed off.

Usually, I just delete these (well, kinda... since I live in the European Union now. When I lived in the USSR, we had other options for dealing with guys like him...).

But in this case, I wondered:

Maybe he has a point?

Maybe I shouldn't write my diary on "western" boards?

Maybe I should just settle for publishing my memoirs on Russian boards, where I already published two full years of "game," went through an exodus of all my champions to Vince (all at once!... story for next time), repaired my bank balance, and could fight with Vince by stealing his superstars in 2003? I even had 1 (one) reader here. But he was gone lately... (Maybe I should call my "bratva" guys to find him? I am worrying...)

Well... there is only one way to know.

I decided to do what every Russian leader never did:

I decided to ask people!

Was it readable?

Should I write more?

Could you stand my sick "Russian-styled" English?

Tell me.

Hall of Legends (long-running dynasties)

TBS Acquires AWA: 1991 and beyond by Frank Reed

TBS Acquires AWA: 1991 and beyond by Frank Reed

TBS Acquires AWA: 1991 and beyond

Turner Broadcasting System acquires AWA, which is on the verge of bankruptcy, in early 1991, years after purchasing WCW. Our story begins in January 1991. Since Ted Turner wanted to be more involved with WCW, he put Frank Reed in charge of this new investment. Reed is a business tycoon at the beginning of his career and a brand new face in the professional wrestling world. Thanks to TBS, there is a worker agreement between WCW and AWA. In April 1991, AWA signed a working agreement with AJPW. AWA is currently at Cult level. Our current goal is to raise it to the National level.

ChampionshipCurrent champion(s)ReignDate wonDays heldLocation
AWA World Heavyweight ChampionshipShawn Michaels2Sun, Wk 4, Apr 199392+Stillwater, OK
AWA International Television ChampionshipMr. Sandman1Sun, Wk 4, Jun 1993
36+Daly City, CA
AWA World Tag Team Championship
Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit3Sun, Wk 4, Apr 199392+Stillwater, OK
AWA Texas Heavyweight ChampionshipRed Hook Machine1Sat, Wk 3, May 199372+San Antonio, TX
Crockett CupShawn Michaels
1992 Winner
New Haven, CN

Roster - Aug 93
(updates monthly)

Arn Anderson, Bam Bam Bigelow, Bart Sawyer, Big Bossman, Bob Backlund, Bobby Fulton, Brian Pillman, Butch Reed, Chris Benoit, Chris Candido, Chris Kanyon, Davey Boy Smith, Dean Malenko, Diamond Dallas Page, Doug Furnas, Eddie Guerrero, Fatu, Greg Valentine, James Sandoval, Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Lynn, Jim Powers, Jimmy Del Ray, Joel Hawkins, King Kong Bundy, Larry Zbyszko, Lance Storm, Lanny The Clever, Leif Cassidy, Lionheart, Michael Hayes, Mick Foley, Mike Enos, Moadib, Mr. Sandman, Mudslide Barton, Mudslide Bradshaw, Owen Hart, Perry Saturn, Phil LaFon, Pitbull #1, Pitbull #2, Red Hook Machine, Ricky Morton, Ricky Steamboat, Rob Van Dam, Roddy Piper, Salazar Luuv, Samu, Saniko, Sean Morley, Sexton Hardcastle, Shawn Michaels, Simon Diamond, Stan Lane, Tatanka, Ted DiBiase, The Great Muta, The Prowler, Tito Santana, Tom Prichard, Tommy Rogers, Tully Blanchard, War Cat

Non-Wrestlers / Managers
Bill Gagne, Eric Bischoff, Frank Reed, Gene Okerlund, Jesse Ventura, Jim Cornette, Nick Bockwinkel, Paul Ellering, Rod Trongard, Scott Hudson, Skandor Akbar, Wahoo McDaniel

Road Agents
Bruno Sammartino, Eddie Sharkey, Gene Kiniski, Larry Hennig, Les Thornton, Mando Guerrero, Otto Wanz

Injuries / Absences
Phil LaFon - injured (torn ratator cuff) returns in October '93
Rob Van Dam - injured (back injury) returns in August '93
Pitbull #2 - injured (torn rotator cuff) returns in April '94

Tag Teams/Stables

Cave State Boys (Bart Sawyer and Leif Cassidy)
Los Tiradores (Eddie Guerrero and Salazar Luuv)
Racket Club (Paul Ellering, Doug Furnas, Phil LaFon, Mudslide Barton and Mudslide Bradshaw)
Sudden Impact (Lionheart and Lance Storm)
The Can-Am Express (Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon)
The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers)
The Hart Battalion (Davey Boy Smith and Owen Hart)
The Heavenly Bodies (Tom Prichard and Jimmy Del Ray)
The Pitbulls (Pitbull #1 and Pitbull #2)
The Samoan Lancers (Fatu and Samu)
Truckers Nest (Mudslide Barton and Mudslide Bradshaw)
Unorthodox Cirice (Jesse Ventura, King Kong Bundy, Bam Bam Bigelow and Red Hook Machine)
Youthquake Combat Class (Brian Pillman, Owen Hart, Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit)

My Own Made Characters

Bill Gagne is James Mitchell
James Sandoval is Booker T
Joel Hawkins is AI Generated
Lionheart is Chris Jericho
Lanny The Clever is Lanny Poffo
Mudslide Barton is Mike Barton
Mudslide Bradshaw is John Bradshaw
Red Hook Machine is Taz
Salazar Luuv is El Dandy
Saniko is The Samoan Savage
The Prowler is D-Von Dudley
War Cat is Brady Boone

World Class 1983 by marc91

World Class 1983 by marc91
I have started a TEW career with the unknown David Brown, who is named head booker of WCCW after Gary Hart's departure from the company, just a few days after the angle that would create a lot of buzz around World Class


Here is how the wrestling world looks like on January 1st 1983


American Wrestling Association
Owned by Verne Gagne and booked by his son Greg, based in Mid West

Capitol Sports Promotions (NWA member)
Owned by Carlos Colon, the company is based in Puerto Rico

Central State Wrestling (NWA member)
Owned by Bob Geigel and booked by Sam Muchnick, based in the Mid West

Championship Wrestling from Florida (NWA member)
Owned by Eddie Graham and booked by its bigger star Dusty Rhodes, based in South East

Continental Wrestling Association
Owned by Jerry Jarrett and booked by its bigger star Jerry Lawler, based in South East
Georgia Championship Wrestling (NWA member)
Owned by Jim Barnett and booked by Ole Anderson, based in South East

International Championship Wrestling
Owned by Angelo Poffo and booked by Ron Garvin, based in South East

Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling (NWA member)
Owned by Jim Crockett Jr., based in Mid Atlantic. Home of the current NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair

Mid South Wrestling
Owned by Bill Watts, based in Mid South

Pacific Northwest Wrestling (NWA member)
Owned by Don Owen, based in North West

Polynesion Professional Wrestling (NWA member)
Owned by Lia Maivia, based in Hawaii

South Eastern Championship Wrestling (NWA member)
Owned by Ron Fuller, based in South East

South West Championship Wrestling
Owned by Joe Blanchard, based in Mid South

World Class Championship Wrestling (NWA member)
Owned by Fritz Von Erich, based in Mid South

World Wrestling Association
Owned by Wilbur Snyder, based in Great Lakes

World Wrestling Federation (NWA member)
Owned by Vince McMahon, based in Tri State


All Star Wrestling (NWA member)
Owned by Al Tomko, based in British Columbia

Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling
Owned by Emile Dupre and booked by Lanny Poffo, based in The Maritimes

Calgary Stampede Wrestling (NWA member)
Owened by Stu Hart and booked by his son Bruce, based in Alberta

International Wrestling Association
Owned by Gino Brito, based in Quebec

Maple Leaf Wrestling (NWA member)
Owned by Jack Tunney, based in Ontario


Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre (NWA member)
Owned by Salvador Lutteroth and booked by Paco Alonso

Universal Wrestling Association
Owned by Francisco José Flores


All Japan Pro Wrestling (NWA member)
Owned and booked by Giant Baba

All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling
Owned by Takashi Matsunaga, the company only hosts women's wrestling

New Japan Pro Wrestling (NWA member)
Owned by Antonio Inoki


Big Time Wrestling
Owned by Brian Dixon, based in the UK

Catch Wrestling Association
Owned and booked by Otto Wanz, based in Germany

Joint Promotions Wrestling
Owned by Max Crabtree and booked by Johnny Saint, based in the UK

An Alternate History of WCW - 1998 and Beyond by dxvsnwo1994

An Alternate History of WCW - 1998 and Beyond by dxvsnwo1994
Before I start this off, I just want to make a note that for the first year of this Extreme Warfare Revenge scenario (starting in 1998 as WCW), I actually made these posts in a thread on the old Voices Of Wrestling forum. Since that forum went away, I've been looking for a new place to post about my scenario and well....this site is as good as any!!

I should also note that this thread will be primarily going over the PPVs, with explanations of what happened on the various WCW TV shows between the PPVs, and my general philosophies for setting up the matches for the PPVs. This scenario was my first time playing EWR, so apologies if you notice any....I guess....amateurish mistakes.

In this introductory post, I'll just go over some news, notes, and general information.

We're starting off with the first week of 1998. WCW is coming off their Starrcade 1997 PPV, which saw Sting win the WCW World Heavyweight Title from Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Despite that loss, the nWo is still very much a force, while WCW is on the verge of launching its newest TV show....Thunder. First, I'll list off the title holders going into 1998, along with who currently holds them (which pretty much match up with real life). I borrowed this format of listing them from RKOwnage, so all credit to him.

WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Current Champion: Sting (3)
Held Since: WCW Starrcade 1997; December 28th, 1997
Previous Champion: Hollywood Hulk Hogan (3)

WCW United States Championship
Current Champion: Diamond Dallas Page
Held Since: WCW Starrcade 1997; December 28th, 1997
Previous Champion: Curt Hennig

WCW World Tag Team Championships
Current Champion: The Steiner Brothers (6)
Held Since: WCW Monday Nitro; October 13th, 1997
Previous Champion: The Outsiders (3)

WCW World Television Championship
Current Champion: Booker T
Held Since: WCW Monday Nitro; December 29th, 1997
Previous Champion: Disco Inferno (2)

WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Current Champion: Ultimo Dragon (2)
Held Since: WCW Monday Nitro; December 29th, 1997
Previous Champion: Eddie Guerrero (2)

In addition to the traditional championships that existed in WCW on January 1st, 1998, I decided that I wanted a few more titles for some storylines that I had already formulated in my head for 1998, so via the file editor before I started this particular game, I gave WCW both the NWA World Heavyweight Championship as well as the NWA World Tag Team Championships (while leaving the NWA North American Title with the WWF). When I discussed Souled Out 1998, I will go over how I decided to handle those titles at the initial start of the game.

Elsewhere, I made a bunch of signings before I did my first show (which, if I recall correctly, was the debut of Thunder on January 1st):

- I signed three Japanese talents to full time contracts. Those talents were Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Jushin Thunder Liger, and The Great Muta. Grabbing Muta and Tenzan made sense to fill out nWo Japan as a stable. As for Liger....I mean....why wouldn't you have a guy like him on your roster?

- I also made the decision to sign a bunch of talents from ECW. The biggest one I wanted to get was Rob Van Dam, and I was able to sign him, along with Sabu, Jerry Lynn, and most of the  Full Blooded Italians stable (Tracy Smothers, Little Guido, & Tommy Rich). I also signed Tony Mamaluke, and while I didn't recall at the time whether he was in the F.B.I. yet at the point, I decided to get him anyway to add to the group.

- I guess this is something that's common at the start of EWR games, but right away, WWF announced A TON of firings/releases. This is where the saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure" comes into play, as among the releases talents from WWF were The Hardy Boyz, Edge (listed as Adam Copeland), Christian, and Test (listed as Andrew Martin). I couldn't believe my luck when those five became available in the first week, and I immediately scooped them up. All five spent all of 1998 in my developmental territory (which I'll touch on in a second).

- I should add as well that I did release a number of people at the start of the game as well, though most of them were lower card guys. In some other cases, I decided to just let some guys ride out their contracts if they only had a few months left (like Jim Duggan)

I'll close out this initial post by talking about my developmental territory, which I decided to make......OMEGA!! Yes, in this alternate timeline, I've decided that OMEGA would become the official developmental territory for WCW. Since I was totally new to EWR at this point, I picked Tony Schiavone to be the booker on a whim. The list of talents that made up the OMEGA roster once I really got into 1998 was a who's who of future stars of the industry. In addition to the five talents signed from WWF that I mentioned earlier, also on the OMEGA roster at this point are Amy Dumas, Daffney, David Flair, Evan Karagias, Joey Matthews, Kristian York (decided to change the letter of his first name from a "C" to a "K" just to differentiate him from Christian), Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, Steve Corino, and Trish Stratus.

That's it for my very first post!! My next one will be going over the first PPV of 1998....Souled Out.

WWWF - Rewrite the Whole Wrestling World(1963) by bransealey

WWWF - Rewrite the Whole Wrestling World(1963) by bransealey

Rewrite the Whole Wrestling World - 1963

Here is the 'Rewrite the Whole Wrestling World' mod I have created. It is a database set in June 1963 - two weeks after Bruno Sammartino defeated ''Nature Boy'' Buddy Rogers for the WWWF Championship.

However, after Vincent J. McMahon left the WWWF, he passed over his legacy to his 18 year old son, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. With huge pressure on his shoulders now that has has made the decision to leave the National Wrestling Alliance, Vince McMahon must prove his Owner and Booking skills to the wrestling industry. Vince has bright ideas to move the WWWF out of the territories and make the World Wide Wrestling Federation known Worldwide.

With a lot of experience playing former TEW games, I find it considerably easy to produce 95+ rated matches and 90+ rated shows and I feel this doesn't translate into real life. Therefore, all worker attributes have been adjusted making it more difficult and perhaps more realistic. With matches over 95 rating being equivalent to 5 Star Matches, lowering workers attributes will prove 5 Star Matches to be rare and not a weekly occurrence.

The goal will be to start in June 1963 and play until the present day starting as Vince McMahon in 1963 to book the World Wide Wrestling Federation. There may be storylines that have already happened along with some creative ideas of my own. This will include some short-term and long-term storytelling. I will be sticking to realism in the save meaning a lot of storylines may match real life events, although I'm sure plenty of dream matches will be made. Booking will translate over the eras as we move through the Territorial Days, the Rock and Wrestling, the Golden Era, the New Generation, the Attitude Era, the Ruthless Aggression Era, the PG Era into the current product of today. Please expect the eras to have certain booking styles to them. For example, Territorial will be mainly matches and few short interviews; Attitude Era will feature a more Risqué Product and the Modern Day products will be more Storyline-Based.

Any feedback or future booking ideas are greatly welcomed as you guys will be the WWE Universe. If you would like to know any in-depth details or any information on workers/companies not shown, please private message me and i would be happy to provide.

Current Champions
WWWF World Heavyweight Title - Billy Graham
WWWF Junior Heavyweight Title - Boris Malenko
WWWF World Tag Team Titles - Wild Samoans

Alexis Smirnoff
Andre the Giant
Arnold Skaaland
Big John Studd
Billy Graham
Billy White Wolf
Blackjack Lanza
Blackjack Mulligan
Bob Backlund
Boris Malenko
Bruno Sammartino
Buddy Rogers
Chief Jay Strongbow
Chief Jules Strongbow
Danny Hodge
Danny Little Bear
Dino Bravo
Dominic DeNucci
Gino Brito
Gorilla Monsoon
Grand Wizard
Greg Valentine
Ivan Koloff
Ivan Putski
Jimmy Valiant
Johnny DeFazio
Johnny Saint
Johnny Valiant
Ken Patera
Killer Kowalski
Larry Zbyszko
Lord Alfred Hayes
Lou Albano
Mr. Fuji
Nikolai Volkoff
Pat Patterson
Pedro Morales
Peter Maivia
Rene Goulet
Rocket Monroe
Rocky Johnson
Special Delivery Jones
Sputnik Monroe
Tony Garea
Vince McMahon
Wahoo McDaniel
Zoltan Boscik

Dick Kroll
Dick Woehrle

Road Agents
Arnold Skaaland
Buddy Rogers
Gorilla Monsoon
Sputnik Monroe
Vince McMahon

WCW From the Beginning by anthonymm13

WCW From the Beginning by anthonymm13
Want to bring a side project I've been running and posting on another forum over here, only with a little bit of a twist. It goes back a long time ago I did a fantasy booking for WCW starting in 1993. By the time I got around to originally posting it, I decide what if I extended it back and put like a prequel on it. So I did that all the way back to 1990. Now, before I start posting it here, I decided to do that again and try to link it all together. So I'm starting WCW from Ted Turner's buyout of Jim Crockett promotions, which in my world came about 2 months before it happened in real life. I'm starting this as WCW's debut coming with the Septmeber 1988 Class of the Champions. Only downfall to this, because I plan on connecting it all to other bookings I started later, I can't stray too far from the real world, but I think I'm able to put my own spin on things and take things in a direction where it all works with some different aspects to it. 

The write-ups won't be too indepth on each show, which is why I'm posting here and not in the dynasty/diary section. Also the format I'm using is a little different, but my intro post will explain why it makes sense to do it that way. All this basically is to help prevent me from getting burnt out too quickly and get deeper into the world quicker, without skipping too much key stuff.

So in summary, coming soon, WCW from the beginning. 

Hall of Legends (long-running dynasties)

WWF vs WCW: Hate the Game by Beejus

WWF vs WCW: Hate the Game by Beejus

Hate the Game returns to forums!

This game has been running since January 2017. For a show-by-show report, you can read it at the following link:


I left Grey Dog Software in December of 2018, in-game August 2001. From there, I took to WordPress. But it just wasn't the same. For those who followed me there, this will start off as reposting what I had there. For those who didn't (or are just joining!), the shows that took place before August 2001 will be shown as condensed, event-to-event monthly recaps, and after those I shall begin doing things on a show-to-show basis.

Thank you for reading!

WCW: Heart and Soul by The Final Countdown

A New Generation…..a new attitude? by To4sty

A New Generation…..a new attitude? [by To4sty] by Asaemon
A New Generation…..a new attitude?

A TEW2016 Diary by To4sty

Make sure to read To4sty's awesome WP diary.

Hogan Knows WCW Best by Asaemon

Hogan Knows WCW Best by Asaemon

Hogan Knows WCW Best

The year is 1994 and WCW has…


A endless supply of money

As much TV time that are needed

He is paid like the owner

He has creative control

He is a survivor

He know how to book himself strong, so why not give him the task of making the entire promotion look strong

Some would describe him as a….



Greedy megalomaniac

His name is Hulk Hogan and he will bring in his lapdogs Ed Leslie, Jim Duggan and Jimmy Hart for the ride

Hogan will receive a cut of the pay-per-view revenues

Ted Turner has agreed on letting Hogan become a shareholder

Will Hogan focus to make serious cash for himself and Turner in the process?

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan…Creative Genius or Complete Jackass?

Fantasy booking WCW as Hulk Hogan using TEW 2016!

AJPW 1999: The Peak of the King's Road by Avery

AJPW 1999: The Peak of the King's Road by Avery

    The year is 1998, as we walk into the 25 year of operation for AJPW, it appears as if the guard may be shifting from an injury prone Mitsuharu Misawa to Orange Crush, Kenta Kobashi. With Kobashi winning the Champion Carnival for the first time, and officially laying out the challenge to Mitsuharu Misawa for the special 25th Anniversary Show in the Tokyo Dome, and then defeating him to become Triple Crown Champion for a second time. It could very well be time for Kenta Kobashi to take his spot as the ace of AJPW. Also, with Jun Akiyama's viscous turn on Kobashi at the end of the Super Power Series, could it be his time to break away from being the "5th man" of AJPW and becoming the Triple Crown Champion himself? AJPW is at the top of the world right now, after selling out the Dome and Kobashi's reign already seeing to help with ticket sales overall without him even defending the belt yet, it's obvious that AJPW is heading in the right direction. Hopefully we can continue to Walk the King's Road and follow AJPW as it continues to led the way in terms of storytelling inside a wrestling ring!

Ring of Honor: 2010+ by Tony Soprano

Ring of Honor: 2010+ by Tony Soprano

JZ Says: ROH Final Battle 2009 (Austin Aries, Tyler Black) | Inside Pulse

ROH Final Battle 2009 Recap: 
- The only thing that I'm changing from Final Battle 2009 is Tyler Black would ultimately beat Austin Aries in the main event to capture the ROH Championship instead of it going to a draw. Everything else stays the same including the Kevin Steen turn on El Generico after their loss to the Young Bucks



Championship Changes Through out the History of this story:

ROH World Champions: 

- Tyler Black starting champion
- Kevin Steen defeated Tyler Black at Death Before Dishonor VIII 
- El Generico Defeated Kevin Steen at Final Battle 2010
- Roderick Strong defeated El Generico at Final Battle 2010 


ROH North American Champions:
- Roderick Strong capture the title at The Big Bang beating Kenny Omega, Jeff Hardy, Michael Elgin, Brian Cage and Eddie Edwards in a Six Way Fray to become the 1st ever champion
- Kenny Omega defeated Roderick Strong at Final Battle 2010


ROH World Tag Team Champions: 
- The Briscoe Brothers starting champions
- Kevin Steen and Steve Corino defeated The Briscoe Brothers at March Madness
- Kings of Wrestling defeated Steen and Corino at Phoenix Rising
- The All Night Xpress defeated Kings of Wrestling at The Great Escape
- The Young Bucks defeated ANX at Final Battle 2010
- WGTT defeated Young Bucks and ANX in a 3-Way Tag at Revolution of Honor 


ROH World Heavyweight Champion: Roderick Strong (1st reign)

Successful Defenses:

- Bryan Danielson on ROH on TNT Episode 1 


ROH World Tag Team Champions: WGTT (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) (1st Reign) 

Successful Defenses:


ROH North American Champion: Kenny Omega (1st Reign) 

Successful Defenses:

- Jay Lethal on ROH on TNT episode 1

- Ricochet on ROH on TNT Episode 4

- Jimmy Jacobs at Revolution of Honor 



- February 2011:  9th Anniversary Show 
- March 2011: The March Madness II
- April 2011: Supercard of Honor V 
- May 2011: Border Wars
- June 2011: Best in the World 
- July 2011: Summer Supercard
- August 2011: Death Before Dishonor IX
- September 2011: Glory By Honor X
- October 2011: The Night He Came Home II 
- November 2011: March To Battle 
- December 2011: Final Battle (ROH's biggest show of the year) 



UWFi Bushido - Way of The Warrior by Asaemon

UWFi Bushido - Way of The Warrior by Asaemon

UWFi Bushido - Way of The Warrior

Billy Scott
Bob Backlund
Gary Albright
Hiromitsu Kanehara
James Warring
Jim Boss
JT Southern
Kazuo Yamazaki
Kiyoshi Tamura
Masahito Kakihara
Masakazu Maeda
Nobuhiko Takada
    Tatsuo Nakano
Tom Burton
    Trevor Berbick
Yoji Anjo
Yuko Miyato

Real Pro-Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship

Nobuhiko Takada
UWF-I Pro Wrestling World Tournament

Simulating UWFi using Fire Pro Wrestling World starting in 1991.